12 Phrases You Should Never Say To People With Depression (Unless You’re Cold-Hearted Enough To Hurt Them)


Read the article here on LifeHack Living with depression is like living in an alternate universe that your brain isn’t equipped to handle. Supporting a friend while they are living with depression can be difficult and uncomfortable. Many people opt to not say anything—and when they do speak up they end up saying the wrong […]

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  • Reply brendablagdon

    I especially hate to hear 4, 5, 6, and7. Unless you have clinical depression it is hard to understand it. I have explained it to intelligent, caring people but the next day they say something to prove they just don’t get it.

    2015-12-16 at 19:29
    • Reply mini2z

      No they don’t and I hate so hate you don’t look sick!

      2015-12-16 at 19:31
      • Reply brendablagdon

        I retired early from teaching on a medical disability because of depression. A lady at the school office, when I went to arrange my pension, said “Now nice to be retired young and doing so well.” What did she know?

        2015-12-16 at 19:45
        • Reply mini2z

          I’m on long term disability currently 4 years until retirement

          2015-12-16 at 20:13
          • brendablagdon

            Four years must seem like an eternity but it will come to an end.

            2015-12-16 at 20:18

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