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    Are you a Chronic Illness Blogger?


    Are you a Chronic Illness Blogger?  Do you have a Chronic Illness and blog?  I joined the Chronic Illness bloggers last week.  I applied and truthfully I didn’t think they’d accept a little fish like me.  I have several Chronic Illnesses and I blog, therefore, I’m a Chronic Illness Blogger.

    I’m proud to say, I was accepted and welcomed into the Chronic Illness Bloggers group. I have even had a blog shared by the network yesterday and for this little fish that was pretty cool.

    Chronic Illness Bloggers is looking for YOU to join them!

    Journey with me … mini2z



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    Thursday Thoughts


    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.
    Today I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts

    Yesterday I was at the Rheumatologist and he gave me cortisone injections in both hips.  At the time I thought not so bad compared to the ones I used to get in my big toe joints.  Well today all I have to say is I really really really really hurt!  I came out with with a Plaquenil prescription along with a special form for my eye doctor.  All I can say it I’m so thankful that I’m finally able to try the Plaquenil and hope to see an improvement in the sooner part of the three to six months than the later.

    My Girlie got her parking pass and all of her books for her course at the college.  Now she can go to the orientation and not have to worry about where are the books I need, oh no it’s sold out but she did find the water bottle that she’s wanted but didn’t buy it because it had the college logo on it.  We have about a dozen water bottles here and there are only two I love and those are my S’well bottle and the one that I can put a lemon in the bottom and twist it and it has an opening big enough to put the large square ice cubes we have.

    My Jared Padalecki #Alwayskeepfighting shirt came! The funny thing is that I received a notice that it’s delayed so that was strange that I received it.

    bag and wander August box

    Bag and Wander – August 2015 box

    My August Bag and Wander box also came and I love it.  Love the stainless steel sandwich/salad/sushi container with a spork is AMAZING.  There is a reusable napkin that would make a nice placemat even and a reusable sandwich/snack bag and the bag is dishwasher safe!  I can’t use the $40 card for Hello Fresh as they don’t deliver to Canada so if someone wants it please let me know and it’s yours.  The Bag and Wander site currently has a Skin Care Set, the June and July boxes available in the shop.


    In case you didn’t see my last post on the Popsugar Must Have Fall Special Edition is now on sale.  It sold out in 36 hours last time and there is a link on the previous post to the past boxes so you can see what products they send.  It’s the only subscription box that I’ve kept monthly and have cancelled all the others that I didn’t prepay for.

    I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August.  I really don’t want to see Halloween and Christmas stuff yet.  I have ordered one Christmas present for the oldest girlie and the youngest boyo sent me a link to a GoPro that will be a combination of Birthday and Christmas presents for him.

    I’ve been watching Zoo and I actually like it.  I like Billy Burke and there is a character with our last name and it’s so weird to hear people pronounce it correctly.  #ZooCBS but our cable switches it to the CTV version.  I am looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday. Considering I binge watched The Walking Dead last year just before the current season and loved it.  I need to listen to my kids when they tell me I’ll like a show, book, etc.

    On the way to today’s doctor appointment which we were late for and I am never late I was reading a thank you email from my Thai Daughter thanking me for the blog dedication yesterday.

    What are your Thursday Thoughts?  How is your health?  Any TV shows you’re looking forward to?

    Journey with me…mini2z

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    Some Spoonie Info – Lupus, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, LADA and more…



    It’s not a part of a community that I wanted to be a part of but I am a Spoonie!

    What is a Spoonie?  What are spoons?  Yes you cook and eat with them or may even have some fancy decorative ones hanging in your house.  When I meet someone who also identifies as a spoonie we each know what the other is talking about.  Everyone’s spoons are different just like no two illnesses are the same.  Invisible Illness are hard because when you don’t “LOOK” sick people think you’re fine.

    This is Christine Miserandino  Video telling the spoon theory from But You Don’t Look Sick

    Molly’s Fund has been a great resource for me.

    Pinterest Spoon Theory Boards.

    The Urban Dictionary defines a spoonie as:

    A person living with chronic illness, that identifies with Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory.
    Spoonies are people that live with chronic illness; theoretically measuring personal daily abilities much 71d701712740ab22c8376ed0f59d84e0as one would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for an event or occasion… sometimes having an abundance, other times coming up short.


    So send me a spoon, spare a spoon, rest when you need it.

    Until then, Journey with me…mini2z


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