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    Honey Colony Equalibrium Energy: My Trial With Superfood

    I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


    Honey colony equilibrium


    I received a jar of Equilibrium Energy from Honey Colony over a month ago.  It’s taken me so long to write because I’ve been in a flare, messed up blog site and computer problems.

    The package arrived to me safely and very well packaged.  The jar is 2.3 ounces or 66 grams.  The jar is a reusable Biophontonic Violet Glass jar.  (I had to look that up! It means the jar protects the contents from light).  I usually take photos of boxes as I’m opening them but for some reason I didn’t.  Packaging to make sure a product arrives to you is important and the package was the appropriate size.  Not an oversized Amazon box!

    So what is it?

    At the core of Equilibrium is raw honey. Eleven other potent superfoods are added—each one organic or wildcrafted, boasting numerous health benefits. The total 12 ingredients bring harmony to a life that may face stress, toxins, and negative energy.    Source: Honey Colony

    Jar of Equalibrium Energy

    So what’s in the superfood besides raw honey?

    The 12 ingredients are:

    Active Natural Prebiotics
    Blue Algae
    Medicinal Mushrooms
    Double- Directory Adaptogenic Herbs
    Organic Turmeric
    Raw Honey
    Bee Pollen
    Bee Propolis

    Honey Colony has a post about the 87 benefits of the ingredients in the Equilibrium Energy Superfood.  There is so much information on all the 12 ingredients on their website that I can’t do it justice in a blog post.

    Label of Equalibrium

    Photo Source: Honey Colony

    I started taking it right away. It is a dietary supplement and not a medical product. The directions are that you take a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. When I wake up I have to take an antinauseant immediately and wait for it to take effect. I found that taking the spoonful and then having my morning tea was best for me. Some people have recommended having it in your tea. I was a afraid that if I did that I wouldn’t get all the benefits if it was diluted.

    I am very sensitive to textures and found it hard to take for the first two days. After that, I was able to take the spoonful and not complain about the texture.   Anyone who has ever been with me eating and seeing me freak out about mushrooms will know that I can’t even stand the thought of mushrooms even if they were puréed.  It was sweet and gritty kind of like the centre of a fig bar.  That’s the only way to describe it.  It looked like black caviar when you first look at it.

    Honey Colony Equalibrium Energy superfood

    Did it work?  I don’t know.  I was taking it at time when I was having a lupus flare.  My nausea was on the top level for me.  A couple days all I had was the spoon of the Energy with tea or ginger ale.  So some of the days due to my nausea it truly was the only food I had.  I didn’t have to take any Benadryl when I was having a spoon everyday.  I just realized that as I am writing this blog post.  That’s a pretty big benefit in itself.

    Will I buy it for myself?  At this point, I can’t afford it on my long term disability reduced wages.  I wish I could because I would like to try it for longer.  It’s a pretty powerful jar of goodness and you only have to take a teaspoon of it daily.  Check out Honey Colony  at  Prices for auto ship are less expensive than buying a single jar as are buying them in a three pack is less expensive.

    I hope you enjoyed my review of Honey Colony’s Equilibrium Energy Superfood.

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Rough Times, Blog Changes, Sleep, Flares, Good Things


    I hope you can tell but I’ve made some changes to the blog. I recently purchased a Chloe and Marc Theme on Etsy from a nice lady Mai, who installed it as part of purchase.  It worked out that she added the plugins that I requested.  I’m still updating a few things.  Today, after a few days of craziness getting my blog theme looking nice and a lot of headaches with remembering passwords.  The theme I bought was Chloe and Marc and it was on sale.  I love sales and they’re pretty awesome and I love the look and I hope you do too.   If you do see something that doesn’t look right, please let me know.  The whole reason I looked into buying the theme was because when I changed over from WordPress to self hosted my blog looked a mess.  I wasn’t happy where things were and I like neat on some things.  My life is chaos so this is a little part I can control with a lot of saving and closing my computer.

    I may have lupus but lupus doesn't have me

    I’ve had a rough couple weeks with chronic pain.  It’s a searing pain that is in my hips, back and legs.  The itchiness has come back and the nausea is unbearable.  My food consumption is very minute on what I can stand to eat.  Milkshakes, smoothies, citrus and toast are about all that I’m able to tolerate.  I’m an avid tea drinker and I have gone two days without any tea.

    Lupus has had me basically in bed, sleeping, not sleeping Click To Tweet

    Lupus has had me basically in bed, sleeping, not sleeping.  I try to remember me as I used to be when I was able to do anything I wanted to without wondering will I need to rest?  Can I walk through the store to get groceries?  This life of chronic illness has taken so much away from me and I wonder when I will get a break?

    I’ve seen most of my doctors in the last week and a half and it’s basically stay the course for me.  No medication changes or any tests from them in the next two weeks yeah!  I do have one more doctor appointment and its with my gastroenterologist .  I’m still waiting to see the Neurologist who is the doctor for the chronic pain and the migraines. I do have to get a follow up urine test for protein in my urine.  The fact that I had one test with proteins in my urine is concerning enough and las week was crazy, more on that in a minute.  Moods have been the same level of blah. It’s true that pain causes you to be depressed and the depression makes you think of the pain more as well.

    The world awaits turtle in Curaçao

    My daughter (who will always be my baby kidlet) last week started college in the Registered Practical Nursing program. Wednesday a call was received and she received a spot in the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program.  I text her, she says she’s in class, I try to explain you need to leave class and call the director back now!  So she went to school in the RPN and came home in the BScN program.  She sold most of her books the next day, she was also able to purchase most of the new ones she needed as well.  I did buy a “code” for over $150, yes a code, the book cost her more money but the code was an insane amount.  Her first day was the Friday and she came home happy.  I knew that she was happy in the RPN but it wasn’t her dream course. Now having a nurse to take care of momma and daddy in the future is a good thing.

    Things have been crazy for me with doctors, lupus flare, computer issues and I hope you’re all well.  I’m hoping for some more normal days ahead, at least what’s become my new normal.

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    Yes but I am…

    You look good! 
    You have colour in your face! 

    You don’t look sick…the list is endless…

    Yes, but I am sick

    You see a happy, healthy woman, hiding exhaustion, pain and so much more…

    These all should be good things to hear but to anyone battling an invisible you fight a “thanks” out and all the while are hating hearing it.  Yes, I don’t look sick but I am.  I am sick of justifying that I am sick.  When I was told I had Lupus it was a relief, scary but a relief.  I had all kinds of crazy horrible things happening to my body that was chalked up to my thyroid for so long because there are over 300 symptoms. Thank you to Hypothyroid mom for getting me through that and fighting my Endoricnologist for a different medication.  My thyroid laboratory results were fine but I was sick.  I felt like I had the flu 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No I’m not exaggerating I was sick all the time.  I was exhausted, constant low grade fevers, constant nausea, boughts of vomiting and diarrhea, migraines, constant headaches (yes there is a difference) insomnia, fatigue, unable wake up from all of the above.  I had a few episodes of going to the emergency room because of dehydration, migraines and persistent vomiting and at one of those trips I had a nurse then the doctor ask me if I had lupus, nope it had never been mentioned (for me) to me as a possibility.  Sometime after that I posted a selfie of Ranger and me to their page and was asked via direct message if I had lupus.  I knew about lupus, no not because of House because I just watched all eight seasons in February of this year, no it was because my girlie, my youngest child had Anti-DNA antibodies several years prior (still does) and we were told she could get Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus.  At the time, hubby and I were tested and neither of us had these Anti-DNA antibodies but my daughter didn’t have a positive ANA test.  So like every mom, I read about it and I knew what to look for in her but never put the two and two together.  I mentioned it to my family doctor and thus began my Lupus Journey.

    So why does, “You don’t look sick” bother me?  Oh I don’t know, maybe because I smile through the pain, I was dragging myself to work and doing a half assed job at it getting more and more worn down.  I constantly heard, “you’re always sick, what’s wrong, why can’t you go to work…?” To them, they saw a tired, lazy, unreliable employee and coworker.  Depression and anxiety got the better of me. Anytime I was sick, I had someone come to my house to “see if I was there.” If I was sick two days, then I’d have someone there both days and on the third day they’d need a doctor’s note.  The bosses started requesting them on the first day and so the anxiety built up.  I never got time to catch up, heal and I always tried to be happy.  My personal rules are if I have a fever of 101 or higher, I’m puking, can’t get off the toilet or have not slept, I am not going to work.  It’s not safe or healthy to be working feeling sick. So if I was fighting a fever or in the bathroom or not coherent or migraines (but that’s another story) I didn’t go to work.  I’ve been off work on long term disability for over a year and a half and I still get physically ill every time I leave the house because I know I don’t “look” sick and everyone that I see tells me so.  What started this was three people in one day telling me all of the above, including my own mother.  Yes mom, I know you know I’m sick and she’s seen me at my worst and knows how bad it gets when I’m not hiding behind a smile.

    when my mom said, but you have colour


    My family for the most part gets it. What I show the world on social media or seeing me out on the rare occasion that I’m at a store and I have that smile on my face because I’m hiding the pain, the exhaustion, the fatigue and oh those red rouge like cheeks are because the lupus gives me a slight “butterfly rash”.  The cheeks being red means if you see me I probably don’t have make up on at all.

    So Yes I Am Sick I just hide it really well because I have an INVISIBLE ILLNESS.




    unable to be seen; not visible to the eye.

    “this invisible gas is present to some extent in every home”

    So the next time you see me, ask me how I’m doing really, how I’m coping but don’t tell me I don’t look sick.

    So how are you?  No really, how are you?  Fine isn’t an answer…

    Journey with me … mini2z

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