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    Saying Goodbye to 2016 and Welcoming What Lays Ahead

    Goodbye to 2016 and Welcome to the New Year

    happy new year Curacao swim with a wild turtle

    It’s a new year but I’m far from being well.  I will look back and see some positives that 2016 brought me.

    A new Rheumatologist who is great.  She treats me like a human being and not someone just to see how does my new office look or why are you here.  That still makes me shake my head.  I’ve learned to space my appointments out as if I have more than one a day and more than three a week it gets to be way too much for me and my drivers.  I finally got a long awaited referral to a neurologist just days before Christmas.  I had a call early on the Monday morning and thought it was for another appointment on the same day, nope it was an appointment that I had NO clue about.  I arrived early and thankfully as the paperwork was more extensive than ever.  I was in with the neurologist for almost an hour.  He did say that the botox would help but because of my insurance rules I had to try one more medication for two months first.  So I’m on that medication until March with a return visit booked.  I’ve also been put into the waiting game list for an MRI of my head.  The Dr. did say that I’d need the botox in several spots including the spot where all my migraines start, stay, basically live, also in my neck and in my jaw on the left side.  The jaw part was surprising.  I have some jaw cracking and I know I grind my teeth but getting shots there surprised me.


    The excellent news is the head MRI is very early March at 7pm but that is so quick for an MRI where I… Click To Tweet

    Some good things in 2016 were my daughter getting into the Bachelor’s of Science, Nursing which is her dream job. Getting the okay and you must get away from the doctors.  Getting five (I think I’m at five?) doctors to agree that a trip would help with relaxation and my severe anxiety. Then getting the okay to spend a couple weeks camping after a couple months of both the hubby and me homebound for over two months, me with my illnesses and him with his broken leg repairs.  The couple weeks in Sauble was almost perfect.

    My mom moved out of our house and in with her 92 years young mother.  It was time and gram is happy to have her there with her.

    I’m still sick and take it day by day and hubby’s leg still isn’t right.  We worry that he’ll be needing to get the plate and screws out as we think it’s an allergy to the metal.

    We need to get our children who live in the house to do more around the house.  Hubby is working, I’m not able to do much with having more bad days than good so they need to step up.  Yes, school and work come first BUT family and their home comes before friends and fun and way too much sleeping.

    My Favourite Photos of 2016

    I don’t make “resolutions” as I will always break them.  I will list some things I’m going to work on doing better, though:

    • budgeting – meal planning, cut back on spending (subscription boxes)
    • blog on a sort of set schedule for me – sponsored blogs yeah they get done but personal ones go on the back burner
    • walking and yoga – again it’s not something that I can schedule but I’d like to have someone walk with me with the pupalups and get to yoga once a week
    • keep getting better rest and sleep – it has improved but the painsomnia can’t be helped
    • not feel guilty for what I can’t do – that’s a hard one but working on it every day
    • try to get my nails in order, take medications on time (more on that in a couple months)
    • get to the dentist to get the work done that needs doing

    I hope you’ll continue to be with me on my journey with lupus SLE, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes type 1.5, painsomnia, depression, anxiety, gastritis and whatever else gets thrown my way.  

    I’m going to #alwayskeepfighting because #mystoryisntoveryet ; Click To Tweet

    So keep fighting with me because we have so many stories to tell!

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Happy New Year



    Here’s to 2017

    Wishing you love and happiness and lots and lots of spoons!

    Love mini2z … journey with me 

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    My Trial with Visbiome High Potency Probotics

    ** “I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “



    Probiotics, My Gut Health and Trial of Visbiome 

    I didn’t know what to expect when I was accepted to the trial of Visbiome High Potency Probiotic.  They had some extra questions for me on some of my symptoms as I don’t have an actual Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosis.  I have gastritis which is an inflammation is the gastrointestinal tract.  I’ve had constant nausea for well over a year and take a very strong anti-nauseat.  I also have alternating boughts of constipation and diarrhea, so I have stomach pain often.  So asking the extra questions to make sure that I would be a good candidate was pretty amazing on their part.


    Probiotic definition:  pro·bi·ot·icˌ


    1.  denoting a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora).


    1.  a probiotic substance or preparation.

    Source:  google search definitions


    The packaging was pretty amazing.  Normal box, with a cooler inside, with several cold ice packs and the bottle of the Visbiome High Potency Probiotic which was also in a ziplocked bag to protect the bottle.  112.5 Billion Bacteria per capsule kind of freaked me out because I had no idea that Probiotics and the live bacteria were the same thing.  I had to go and check out what probiotics were as I wanted to make sure.  When I first received them I had been sicker than normal so I wanted to wait until I actually tried the medication.
    The prescribed dosage is two caplets daily.  I found that taking them both together worked best for me.  I don’t know if anyone else took them differently because I don’t read other reviews until after I write mine.  My findings in taking them is that I’ve had much less constipation over the course of taking Visbiome High Potency Probiotic.

    What is Visbiome™?

    Visbiome™ is a high potency probiotic medical food, containing 8 strains of live bacteria in concentrations of 450 billion bacteria per packet and 112.5 billion per capsule. 

    Visbiome is a specially formulated probiotic medical food for the dietary management of dysbiosis associated with IBS, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, and hepatic encephalopathy. Visbiome is a non-drug therapy that addresses distinct nutritional requirements, to promote microbial balance, in people with IBS, ulcerative colitis, pouchitis, and hepatic encephalopathy that cannot be addressed by modification of the diet alone.  Source: Visbiome  


    I have  been putting off finishing writing this blog post because I’ve been embarrassed by writing about my gut health.  I had a hard time writing that I alternate between constipation and diarrhea.   Really it is a hard subject but I’ve always had this see-saw with my gastrointestinal tract, bowel, etc and have said that if I have diarrhea I won’t leave the house.   Having a 30 days trial is so much better than just a couple days or a week.  I thank Visbiome for the chance to try their product.  I really think it has helped me with the constipation.  I would love to try it for longer period of time to see how I balance out because I still have had lots of diarrhea boughts.

    Visbiome is $50.00 for a 30 day supply of sixty capsules.  They are cheaper if you buy a two pack at $92.00.  They also have a powder formula available.  If this sounds like something you could use you can check them out at

    I hope you enjoyed my view of Visbiome High Potency Probiotics.

    Journey with me … mini2z

    mini2z journey with me


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