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    Blogger’s Writer’s Block – My Stuggle Is Real


    Blogger’s Writing Block – My Struggle Is Real

    I’ve only written blogs lately about products I’ve sampled.  I love writing. I love reading. I haven’t been able to enjoy either for quite a while.  I can’t remember what I’ve read, what I’m doing in the room, not even remembering why I’ve gone to a website.  Writing seems to flow when I’m focused or have a commitment to fulfill.  The struggle is real is a phrase that’s become so frequent from my daughter and her friend’s generation.  It’s a fitting phrase for those with chronic illness because the struggles we have are real.

    I have been asked to write a blog post on puppy updates and advise to give other op parents.  I completely misunderstood but it’s a topic near and dear to my heart.  Check out Ranger’s new Squirrel watching pose.  We got rid of the bush so he has a better view for watching.


    How have I been? 

    I saw my rheumatologist last Thursday and I got the cortisone shots in my hips.  My follow-up kidney functions came back good but I have to get some more laboratory tests this week just to double-check.  Since the shots have kicked in I’ve had a bit of energy everyday so I can get something done.  I saw my family doctor last week as well and everything thing I brought up, he said I needed to talk to my other doctors.  It was a pretty frustrating visit for me as I’m still waiting for a referral to the pain specialist.  I can’t get a change in my pain medications until I see that doctor and I’m still waiting for an appointment.  Waiting for a specialist is absolutely crazy.

    What have I been doing?

    I bought this French Wine box from the LCBO to see how their new home delivery was.  It was $12 and delivered by Canada Post.  I ordered on a Sunday night and had it by Tuesday mid-morning.  The Canada Post guys said that everyone has been saying how fast the shipping was.  Everything was well packed and labelled that it was breakable.  Because I was paying the delivery fee of $12, I grabbed a couple bottles of my favorite wines as well.


    The Discovery Box includes: Les Dauphins Côtes Du Rhône Reserve Red 2014, Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais 2008, F Lurton Fumées Blanches Sauvignon Blanc Vdf 2010, a set of 2 Ceramic Ramekins, a Cheese Knife Block Set, a set of Ceramic Chalkboard Cheese Markers and the LCBO France-to-Go booklet.  The box also included an invitation to sample the newly released vintage on November 18th.

    I’ve been getting some online Christmas present shopping done.  It’s pretty easy now that the kidlets are older.  My daughter asked for her Organic Chemistry book for Christmas, Umm okay then… That’s a first.  My son asked for clothes or a laptop he can actually type on it.

    My hubby caught me watching some Christmas movies yesterday.  He commented how its only November but wondered if they had made me cry.  Yep, crying at Hallmark movies, the commercials even make me cry!  I did find that it made me feel more like Christmas is coming that it feels.  It is currently another sunny day and pretty mild for November and I’m enjoying the sun streaming in.  I’ve also found a tv series called The Librarians on Crave TV.  It has Noah Wyle, Rebbeca Ramon and John Laroquette and well it’s the adventures of the Librarians and their saving History and artifacts.  It’s quirky and silly but it’s a fun watch.  I love history and the premise of time travel and even better, in January season three will be airing.

    OUT of Spoons

    Fibromyalgia, what is it?

    My fellow blogger friend, Ness from The Girl With Five Lads wrote a great blog post about what Fibromyalgia is. 

    For me Fibromyalgia was a “oh that’s Fibromyalgia in an off-hand sort of way from my previous Rheumatologist explained the non lupus pain.  The pressure points were like knife stabbing pains as the doctor pushed on them.  My joints hurt all the time but those pressure points were insane pain.  I’m taking Gababpentin in some pretty high doses but my doctor explained that because I can handle it that it can be increased.

    I hope you enjoyed my update and my wandering out of hibernation of ignoring my blogging with mush brain.

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Sleep? What is that?


    If only we could sleep like dogs

    I have never-ending fatigue, body aches and pains.  Today I have two spots that aren’t joints that feel like a needle is being stabbed into me. Like a sting but there is nothing there.

    My Fitbit said I slept for 1 hour and 43 minutes.  So I got up, had some grapes and took some medication to ease the pain a bit hopefully.  I had been getting good at sleeping mostly through the night except for the odd pee break.  The not sleeping was one of my symptoms in the very beginning that I attributed to shift work but now I know it’s my illness.  The funny or not so funny thing is I will sleep for two days straight two or three days in a week.  Maybe it’s because I’m coming out of a two-week long migraine.  I don’t know but nothing seems to have any rhyme or reason with chronic illnesses.

    I’ve had a strange pain my right foot like I used to have before I had surgery on both my feet in January of 2015.  I went to the Podiatrist today and she’s recommended an X-ray to see if one of the screws from the fusion has moved.  So added call family doctor for X-ray, massage prescription and the mammogram that hasn’t been scheduled yet.  Thankful for my planner and my iPhone with Suri adding reminders for me.  If I don’t add them right away, it’s gone, like poof and I don’t get it back.  Fibro Fog and Lupus Brain Fog are true issues.

    The Featured Image is an antique bench I found at the flower store I popped into between two doctor’s appointments.  The bench was what I wanted for that spot when I realized that the pupalups really liked just standing there and watch the world go by and the mailman comes by.  I saw a photo on a local antique place for a a similar bench but my sister in law said she didn’t see it that day.  So seeing the bench in the display drapped with pillows was just what I wanted.  I asked, the called the owner and the owner said it needed work because it was unsteady.  The price was $50.00 and I said YES.  My hubby is a hobby woodworker and I know he can make it steady for human seating.  I called the boys and they came to pick it up and brought it home while I went to my next doctor appointment.  I consider it a bigger win because my hubby liked it and said he can fix it.


    teens don’t care that you’re blogging

    Still waiting for word on when I go to the nerologist but I have a the new massage prescription.  I’ve called and made the reservation for my car to be serviced next week. She’s not impressed at having to get up at 8am but she can come back home to sleep, she’s a teen and they sleep well.  Now if I could sleep like the teen and the pupalups. Yeah, who am I kidding because that’s not happening.

    How much sleep do you get during a normal night as opposed to a flare?

    Journey with me … mini2z


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    Thursday Thoughts


    Thursday Thoughts I link up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban mom:

    This Thursday has me thinking;

    • Wow, I’m a member of Chronic Illness Bloggers and I’ve had my first post shared through the network.  I’ve had tweets re-tweeted and it’s pretty cool for a little blogger like me.

    • It’s Thursday and I’m wondering how that happened?

    • I’m so thankful to my family for all the support and especially my husband.  Even with me having my shots on Tuesday afternoon and forgetting it was already time for them.  My hubby hurt his foot and we went to urgent care, x-rays and back home. Thankfully we had crutches in the house from all my falls.  His foot isn’t broken but we’re not quite sure what’s wrong.

    • Is it bad that I’m actually looking for my Gastroenterologist appointment next week? How bad it is when you want someone to figure out why you’re constantly nauseous and have stomach pain and none of your other doctors have an answer other than it’s lupus or fibromyalgia related…

    •  I’m trying to get one of my kidlets to go to the grocery store.  Seriously, they eat the food too, they should help out…

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    Journey with me … mini2z



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