Depression Kills – Please Talk to Someone

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Stay a spoken word by our founder, Amy Bleuel.

“Be the light in the darkness. Let the world know that there is still hope. Don’t hold back anymore. You are needed. You are the change. You can make a difference. Hear me now. There is still time. There is a light that still shines within you. Stand strong my love. You are here for a purpose.” – See more at:–21064.htm#sthash.FrrpfdNA.dpuf


Depression Kills – Please Talk to Someone


I’ve included some links, I really can’t say much more than find someone to talk to. Suicide my take your pain away permanently but your friends and family are left with even more pain and questions. Every underlined statement is a link to help.

Please talk to someone, anyone, don’t let your story be over;

Always Keep Fighting 

List of Suicide Prevention / Crisis lines from all over the world

Please talk to someone!

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*Project Semicolon

*Always Keep Fighting

*Wiki Crisis hotline lists

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    Sometimes we find it very hard to speak with family concerning our mental & emotional feelings, so here is few ideas to would help you!
    Mini2z has put together this wonderful blog.
    Remember you are important!

    2016-02-18 at 19:14
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    Suicide is never the answer. Please seek help and talk to someone.

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    Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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