Do You Love Me?

So most parents get messages can I go to the movies? Can I go out with my friends? Can I stay out later tonight?

But not me! I get, “can I go to Nepal?”

Yes my youngest child asked if she could go to Nepal with habitat for humanity to build houses.  Her friend just came back from Vietnam and she may go too.  


se n me

  Yes I love my girlie but Nepal? 

my sweet se


Nepal from Pinterest


Nepal from Pinterest

So what did I say?  “You need a lot of shots, when does your passport expire…?”

This wanderlust is part my fault but it’s a good thing!  Se has always been involved with helping others from helping at church, school and friends; just not when I ask her to do something. 

So my baby will be turning 18, finished her first semester in college and travelling across the world!  

Maybe the girlie might start reading my blog? Maybe she will give a guest interview? 

Journey with me…mini2z


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  • Reply Beatriz Portela

    That’s awesome. I do hope you interview her when she’s there!

    2015-08-01 at 23:09
    • Reply mini2z

      I’ll be lucky if I get messages!!

      2015-08-01 at 23:21
  • Reply curtisbausse

    A daughter to be proud of… It’ll be a wonderful experience for her. Best wishes to you both!

    2015-08-02 at 01:31
  • Reply JanD

    OMG you have a little angel there, I’m sure I speak for most when I say ‘we wish her a safe journey and adventure’.

    2015-08-02 at 03:57
  • Reply mini2z

    Reblogged this on mini2z.

    2015-08-02 at 11:08
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