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Monday Musings


My Monday musings today are all over the place but that goes with the brain fog that comes from the wonderful autoimmune illnesses that I have.

  • Thank you to Sarah for my first reblog of the Invisible Illness post yesterday.
  • I’m thankful for the WordPress Blogging 201 and putting me in touch with so many awesome people.
  • I love my family and how supportive they’ve been with me on my autoimmune journey so far
  • Today is a I need a load of extra spoons
  • I was really happy that everyone loved my feature on Sunshineday Designs Thank you Sunny for sharing with us!
  • I love sunsets but not thunderstorms
  • Looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead which starts this month
  • I love my Canon Rebel T5 camera and need to find some sort of course that I can take to learn how to use in full manual
  • realizing that I have a flip flop / sandal problem
  •  I’m getting anxious about the next round of doctor appointment that start on Thursday.  Well I think it’s the cortisone shots that I will be getting in my hips – yes both…OWCH
  • My Bag and Wander August box has shipped – yeah!  Click the link if you want to see what’s in the box.
  • I’m still waiting for my Relish Mystery Clothing box to ship but the reveals have been AMAZING! I pinned a few things that I hope would be in my box…
  • I really like blog posts with links that open in another page so you don’t lose your page you were reading before clicking
  • I also love to see photos in blogs!  I think that without photos my blogs look boring.
  • It’s supposed to a rainy day so more tea, more reading of the book that I started on this day last year. I have read other books but I couldn’t get into it but now I am.
Too many shoes…
I Relish this top…
Spoons needed….

The family

 So what are your musing thoughts about today?

Journey with me…mini2z


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