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    Botox for Migraines  – Yes, 24 needles 

    Botox for Migraines!  Yes, 24 Needles!


    Let’s go back in time a bit and I will give you a bit of history on my Migraines.

    When I was 24 or so, my then fiancée and I were horsing around and we slipped on the hardwood floor.  I went backwards and hit my head on the dining room table.  OUCH!  It hurt and I had an immediate headache, swelling and bruising.  Almost a month later I got my first migraine and it started where I hit my head.  I was in bed for almost three days and it was brutal because I had no clue what was going on.  I suffered through the next which was only a couple of weeks after that.  The next one landed me in the ER because the pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and desperate need to be in the dark was too much.  The ride to the hospital and waiting in the ER was torture but that’s when I was told it was a migraine.  They gave me a shot for pain and nausea along with two IV bags of fluids as I’d gotten dehydrated.  I was referred to a neurosurgeon who I saw in the hospital about three weeks later.  He confirmed that I had migraines but no it could not have happened to me by hitting my head.  I disagree with that but okay.  I had a diagnosis.  I found out that this is what my poppa had suffered from all his life.  I just always knew to be quiet if he was in his room with the blinds and doors closed.

    The diagnosis and journey with medication and trying to get the migraines under control before they start was long.  I didn’t get migraines while pregnant with either of my kidlets which was a godsend.  Migraines would come on without much warning that I could tell at the time.  Now, I get an aura (didn’t understand it back then) that I’ve always had prior to migraines.  We had tried Imitrex but it landed me in the ER with chest pains.  Fiorinal C1/4 would become the migraine medication that worked for me along with Gravol, which is an antiemetic.  Migraines have me in my room with room blackout blinds closed tight. ear plugs in with an ice pack on the back of my neck, antinausea medication, a flat ginger ale and pain medication.  Sleep and time are really the only things that work for me.  Over the years, I’ve done all the eliminations to try to find the triggers and the only one that I can find is chocolate.  I can have a couple of pieces, a chocolate bar or a piece of cake but if I have more I’ll pay for it later.  My other trigger is the weather.  It’s any change in the barometric pressure; rain – yes, snow – yes you name it, I get a migraine.

    That neurologist all those years ago was the only one I ever saw.  Fast forward to 2014 when my health took an even further nosedive when I started collecting specialists.  I was referred to a pain specialist and neurologist in 2015.  On December 19th I received a phone call reminding me of my Thursday appointment in just a couple of days.  I was pretty shocked because I’ve been meticulous about organising my appointments.  I confirmed it and put it on my schedule.  I was really impressed with the doctor from the get go.  Nice low lighting so as to not trigger migraines, comfy chairs (really important to a person with chronic pain) and short wait.  I was in the appointment for almost an hour and left with a prescription I had to try before my insurance would cover the Botox, a referral for an MRI and prescription for the Botox and a plan to work on getting my migraines under control.

    My follow-up appointment went well.  Just a few days later, I received a letter from my prescription insurer that they would cover the Botox and the guidelines.  I called the doctor’s office and yes for a cancellation got an appointment early the next week.  I had to bring $150 cash as OHIP doesn’t pay for the administering of the serum but it’s better than $1000.

    The big day came, my mom drove me.  I went to the pharmacy in the medical plaza because the doctor likes the serum to have just thawed.  I guess that’s the best way to use it and the doctor’s preference.  Again, waiting is only minutes.  Then he tells me about the 24 shots and the initial map that he uses on all patients the first time.  The second and subsequent visits would allow for the customization of the injection points.

    Then he tells me about the 24 shots Click To Tweet

    Side effects were very minimal for me.  I had some pain in my left ear area and will inform the doctor on my next visit.  As for the not being able to move my eyebrows properly, I haven’t seen this issue or for me, it’s a non-issue.

    My next appointment is in June and so far my migraines are still present and have not reduced in numbers.  Spring with the weather changes is always a horrible time for my migraines.

    Do you get migraines?  Are they affected by weather?  Have you tried Botox?  I hope you enjoyed reading my migraine journey and will share your migraine journey with me!

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Thursday Thoughts I link up over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom:

    This Thursday has me thinking about:

    • My guilty pleasure has been Bachelor in Paradise!  Seriously, how dramatic can it be?  To have no Air Conditioning and the women have great hair and makeup all the time.  Crying?  I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much about a guy in such a short time, thinking of Ashley.
    • Also been watching some of the Olympics flipping between Canadian and US television channels.  Still can’t understand watching Golf but found myself stuck on it for a while. Just show me the end of the sport and see the top five people.  Today the 10m dives, BMX and more decathlon is what has my attention.  
    • Speaking of attention; I have been getting worse in my focus and losing my thoughts when doing tasks, talking to someone I just stop in the middle and completely forget what I’m talking about.  It’s getting so frustrating.
    • My youngest kidlet is currently up in the Bruce Peninsula and posted a photo on Instagram with the Sorry Mom I’m on a Cliff – I don’t like heights but she did it and I’m proud of her. 
    • I have been in a flare for over a week now.  Constant pain in my hips, back and right leg and a migraine.  I seem to have the migraine under control now.  I’ve had three doctors appointments this week and I love that all of them understand my illnesses and validate that the pain.
    • My husband and I are thinking we need to put our trailer somewhere where we can use it more than a couple weeks out of the year.  We will use it more when retirement comes but now it’s just sitting in our driveway.  He thinks that Sauble Beach is just way to far to have it as a seasonal trailer.  He wants to look at a few places near home.  The only one I like has an enclosed area for the pupalups to run around off leash and get some energy burned off.  I just want it far enough away that it feels like we are away but hubby wants to be able to drive to work if we need to.  Decisions, decisions….
    • I ordered the Instapot that everyone has been talking about.  It’s been delivered but it’s still in the box but it’s supposed to make cooking quicker and easier.  My question is can you put something frozen like chicken and let it cook?  My problem is we have food but it’s always frozen and we find recipes and don’t prepare.

    Se on a Cliff at Bruce National Park

    As you can see, I hope you can see that I’ve made some changes to my blog.  I changed from to and became self hosted.  I did this because I have received some free products to try as a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers network.  This will allow me to put items I want on my blog such as an affiliate link, advertising a product I love, etc.  I found out that self hosting isn’t very easy as I thought it was going to be.   I’m still not done as I’m trying to figure out a nice plugin that will allow a nice posting of my Instagram feed.  I just want to feature the last photo or two on the blog.  I like a blog to have some photos to break up the writing.  
    What are you thinking about on this Thursday?

    Thank you for continuing with me through the changes of Journey with Me … mini2z

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    Wanderlusting With Lupus


    Part One:
    I have so many things I want to blog about but since I’m a chronic person with severe Wanderlust I chose today’s topic.

    A few weeks ago, my daughters plans to go to Mexico with friends fell through.  I felt bad because I had been to Cuba when I was her age but I went with a group and had a couple aquanytances on that trip.  I’ve been in my house for over a year trying to find my new normal battling with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, diabetes and Hashimoto’s, depression, anxiety and migraines.   My husband said she’d get over it but Se has my wanderlust bug and I knew I needed some inspiration and she brought it to me.


    At five weeks out we were looking at the flyer sales I get from a few travel sites I subscribe to.  I found a Greek Isle cruise for insanely cheap but flights were triple. I then found Curaçao and we fell in love with the beautiful buildings, it’s Unesco World Heritage site and the sea, OMG the sea looked so inviting.  My daughter had her heart set on one hotel because of the beauty but I knew that my body couldn’t handle trying to find meals everyday, snacks, drinks, grocery shopping and cooking.  So I found the only all inclusive on the island and read review after review so I had an idea what we would be getting.

    I knew it would be a secure place with unlimited food and drinks and a 24 hour cafe for treats, coffee and fresh fruit. I knew that we wouldn’t have to leave the resort if we didn’t want to.  So we chose Sunscape Spa and Resort Curaçao for all those reasons and more.  I then upgraded us to their SunClub that gave us free room service, a private pool, private beach area and more.

    My husband was so worried about me going away when I’ve been so sick.  I took so many precautions including getting typhoid shots, taking two does of  dukerol (horrible nasty drink to prevent travellers tummy) and tried to not over pack.  I have some lists of items that were must haves for me and some that why did I pack this?  So I will have two more blogs coming or more on Curaçao.
    We arrived early and I should have read more about the global entry, like a fast pass for Curaçao because that line was short.  I was an idiot and my carry on was a carry on not a wheeled luggage in any way, I was hot, exhausted and tired waiting in the customs line.  Lots of people spoke Dutch to us just automatically because that is one of the languages of Curaçao.  


    Getting out of the airport we found our transfer quickly and sat on the hot bus until it was full enough to head to our resort.  On arrival, we were given a drink and an ice cold washcloth.  We were then ushered into a wonderful airconditioned room for the sun club members.  Did I say it was airconditioned?  We got our room and I was too tired to argue about the wifi at that point and said we’d figure it out after food and sleep.  We found our room and I listened to fellow trip advisors that you want a main floor room which we received.  The Sun club was at the far end of far of the resort but it was quiet (or so we thought – part three maybe?)


    The room was beautiful, our view was amazing and it looked like we were in heaven.  We got changed into bathing suits and through a top over with jean shorts and decided on the steakhouse.  We got a seat right away and both ordered the filet minion. Dinner of great food, warm breezes and sunset on the water, yes we were in heaven.  We walked back to our room and both fell asleep before 9pm.  Curaçao is on the same timeline as us so it was really early for a bedtime but travel will do that to a normal person but to a Chronically Ill person well it just kicks your ass.  I slept for over 11 hours according to my Fitbit.


    We planned, we made it there and kept the rest simple and I will share our excursions off the resort in Part two of Wanderulusting with Lupus.

    Journey with me … mini2z

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