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And we are off…I am anyhow

Sauble Beach, Ontario is truely a gem. If I’m in constant pain I’d rather be surrounded by beauty.


Well we will be once the kidlets and hubby wake up.  Hubby needs the extra sleep and the girlies well they’re teens so extra sleep is always good.

We accomplished a lot yesterday.  The Harley is loaded in the trailer, I found my helmet (my hubby won’t keep it in the bike because of the flowers on it) laundry done and mostly sorted away in the trailer.

I’m off to Wal-Mart for the few things I still need like a couple jugs of water because Sauble water is yucky.  It smells and I really hate even doing laundry in the water. I do need to look for a small wine rack for on my counter.  My hubby laughed saying, “you brought a box of wine? Where is it going to go?”  Well it’s not a FULL box but you need variety right? Closet floor for now is where it’s stored~!

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Monday Musings

I’ve been out of commission for a few weeks now, more so than what’s been my new normal.  I’ve had the sinus infection from hell that just won’t go away.  I’m on my FOURTH round of antibiotics and it just doesn’t want to go away.  I only had three doctors appointments this last week and only one doctor’s and hopefully schedule a massage later in the week.  So if you have any suggestions on getting rid of a sinus infection, I’m all ears…nose…no really suggest away.

I somehow figured that my blog was boring and I wanted a bit more colour and slightly different format.  It’s still under construction as I get rid of widgets and add the main ones I want to have.  If you see something broken please let me know.

We had a visit from the bylaw officer reporting that the neighbours complained about my dogs on the Friday night at 11:00pm.  Well first my dogs are never out at that time of the night because well they’re lazy indoor couch potatoes.  They do their crazy barking around 6pm along with the neighbour’s three dogs this is usually before of after their dinner.  We had the dogs in very much more than usual because the fireworks just hurt Ranger’s ears and he whimpers which is very far from his deep bark.  Well last night he went out for a pee break or heard something and sure enough he went to the back corner of the yard which is the neighbour who told my mother, “shut the f-ing dogs up” the week before.  Ranger was doing what he does, protects his yard and humans.  So I think that the guy was there in the corner again and Ranger just doesn’t like him.  I wish we had the extra money for a privacy fence so he couldn’t creepily look into our yard and that the dogs on the side of us (three) wouldn’t see ours and vice versa.  The photo, “a Dog’s Life” is what Ranger does most days in the backyard, he has a hole dug and he lays in it and sun’s himself.

I watched the season finale of Outlander with my hubby last night.  I don’t know what the changes were because well my memory is horrid now.  I think I’m going to have to retread to keep up.  A friend tagged me and posted a funny on my Facebook wall about the show.  Hubby’s watching and saying I don’t remember that happening so maybe his memory was a wee bit better.

Did I mention it was hot?  Today has “special weather statement form 10:52 to 6:52 and that’s ALL it says.  No reason for the statement just that’s it’s special.  I think it’s because it’s HOT and HUMID.  I’ve only gotten dressed and not left the air conditioned house and I’m already sweaty.  Yes women sweat.

I’m trying to get back onto a schedule with Monday Musings and Thursday Thoughts committing myself to writing twice a week.

Update: chiropractor was good and scheduled for Friday now as well. My neck is jammed but good. 

How was your weekend?  

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Sleep? What is that?

If only we could sleep like dogs

I have never-ending fatigue, body aches and pains.  Today I have two spots that aren’t joints that feel like a needle is being stabbed into me. Like a sting but there is nothing there.

My Fitbit said I slept for 1 hour and 43 minutes.  So I got up, had some grapes and took some medication to ease the pain a bit hopefully.  I had been getting good at sleeping mostly through the night except for the odd pee break.  The not sleeping was one of my symptoms in the very beginning that I attributed to shift work but now I know it’s my illness.  The funny or not so funny thing is I will sleep for two days straight two or three days in a week.  Maybe it’s because I’m coming out of a two-week long migraine.  I don’t know but nothing seems to have any rhyme or reason with chronic illnesses.

I’ve had a strange pain my right foot like I used to have before I had surgery on both my feet in January of 2015.  I went to the Podiatrist today and she’s recommended an X-ray to see if one of the screws from the fusion has moved.  So added call family doctor for X-ray, massage prescription and the mammogram that hasn’t been scheduled yet.  Thankful for my planner and my iPhone with Suri adding reminders for me.  If I don’t add them right away, it’s gone, like poof and I don’t get it back.  Fibro Fog and Lupus Brain Fog are true issues.

The Featured Image is an antique bench I found at the flower store I popped into between two doctor’s appointments.  The bench was what I wanted for that spot when I realized that the pupalups really liked just standing there and watch the world go by and the mailman comes by.  I saw a photo on a local antique place for a a similar bench but my sister in law said she didn’t see it that day.  So seeing the bench in the display drapped with pillows was just what I wanted.  I asked, the called the owner and the owner said it needed work because it was unsteady.  The price was $50.00 and I said YES.  My hubby is a hobby woodworker and I know he can make it steady for human seating.  I called the boys and they came to pick it up and brought it home while I went to my next doctor appointment.  I consider it a bigger win because my hubby liked it and said he can fix it.

teens don’t care that you’re blogging

Still waiting for word on when I go to the nerologist but I have a the new massage prescription.  I’ve called and made the reservation for my car to be serviced next week. She’s not impressed at having to get up at 8am but she can come back home to sleep, she’s a teen and they sleep well.  Now if I could sleep like the teen and the pupalups. Yeah, who am I kidding because that’s not happening.

How much sleep do you get during a normal night as opposed to a flare?

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Happy Three Year Blogaversary To Me

I was going to do Thursday Thoughts but the Blogaversary popped up when I started in WordPress today.

  • Fibro Fog: I have a few things that have been on my brain of late and if I don’t type them or write them they’re gone as fast as I thought of them.  This is Fibro Fog or Brian Fog and it’s getting worse.  I’ve added SimpleNote to all my devices including my husbands because it’s helpful to have him have access to my notes but he can’t make sense of my not so wonderful shorthand and it’s all my own so that’s not helpful when I need it. I’m also using Suri and the reminders app a lot so I don’t forget but I still do.
  • iPad Questions, I started solely using my iPad as my sole blogging, surfing, reading, storage of all things BUT I’ve run into an issue.  I can’t get my photos from my camera uploaded from my memory card to my google drive where I have my photos stored.  Thankfully, I got all the photos from my laptop uploaded before said laptop died or was killed via a knock to my Ranger’s hard head.  No the pupalup was not injured, just my laptop that will not turn on anymore.  So what do I do?  I have this wonderful Canon DSLR that I can’t use in the way I had hoped to be able to.  I found out that my laptop is almost 10 years old so it doesn’t owe me anything.  It’s heavy and at some point I will jump into to the MacBook world but for now I have a Zagg case that acts as my keyboard too.  So how do I get photos from my awesome camera to the online world?  I’m a beginner with a DSLR so I want simple with the hope of getting my photos uploaded to my Google Drive.  HELP!
  • Photos on iPhone – HOW do I change the name from 876768.jpeg to something?  Any suggestions?  I do upload to google drive.
  • BlogLovin do you use it?  I have my blog attached to my bloglovin account but I have no clue how to get followers to follow.  I guess I’m having technical issues of late.
  • Planners, what do you use?  I jumped in wholeheartedly and bought an Erin Condrin last year.  Now that I’m getting some doctor appointments in September and one in October I don’t know why I went with this format as it doesn’t even finish the year.  I bought a 17 month Ban.do smaller planner with tabs but I love my EC personalized case and my personalized covers but I don’t think the planners are for me.  I think I’ll just buy a notebook with a coil so I can use the few covers I have and maybe even use that as a bullet journal.  What do you use?  How long have you been using it?  How do you use your planner?  I find I’m not using it as a journal as it’s too big.  So I really need some other ideas.
  • New Email! I will have a specific email for the blog once I get the sheet of stuff I have to input to finish set up.  It’s only been three days but I’m on step six of seven.  mini2z at mini2z dot com 
  • Health Updates:   I’m being referred to a Nerologist for the Migraines to get Botox, I have Gastritis so that’s the stomach issues with nausea, throwing up, only able to eat bland foods if I can even eat.  I only had three doctors appointments this week.  I have bruises all over and I think it’s a lupus issue and iron transfusion would be great but they don’t do them around here anymore.  My right hip is throbbing and thus I’m only getting about five hours of sleep.
  • Pupalups had their yearly check up and both are great, all their skin issues have cleared and I attribute that to the dog food we feed them, Acana or Oriejen, but Keely is a little on the “round” side so she’s on a no treats and trying another Canadian food that is a Light formula with the no chicken and grains.  My go to brands only have one formula and it has chicken as the protein so that was out.  They are heartworm clear and Ranger gained weight but he’s all muscle as per Dr. Jim.  Picked them up new harness and Trackr’s.  
  • Wanderlust I’m dreaming again and dreaming of so many places I want to go to.  Those dreams also include me NOT being sick too!  
  • Hubby, he went back to work this week or last week and he’s on a desk job.  BUT because of his boot he can’t drive and he has to be driven to work and home.  It’s frustrating, sorry honey, I love you but yeah it sucks.
  • Kidlet, I went with her to pick up her diploma for her Pre-Health, Nursing and she got her nursing package the day before.  I’m still trying to get her involved in the student government at the college, not asking her to run for President but I want her to have the wonderful experience I didn’t when I was on for two years there.  I’m proud of her either way.
  • Summer Reading book exchange through Elfster and my swap person sent me Surviving Henry and You Before Me and I love them both.  I hope my person likes the books I sent her.  I love what I received from here.  I also picked up a planner and a new Nora Robers book.

That’s all from me on updates.  How are you?  Any plans for the holiday weekend?  Nothing for this house is planned.

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Where will you go? 

Collage, Sauble Beach, The Grotto, Camping, Woodland Park, Kidlets, Sauble Falls 
What is you dream travel place?  Where does you heart long to go?  Once you’ve travelled to one place that you’ve fallen in love with you want to go more and more.  For our family that is Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada.

In Sauble, we just find it so relaxing with no schedules other than the pupalups telling us when it’s food time.  Over the years of camping in Sauble Beach our trailers have grown up with us.  We started camping with what we lovingly refer to as the “Flintstone’ trailer.  It was a Citationette, not even big enough to to be a full citation.  Those first few years of camping, the older kidlets were in a 2-room tent and the baby was in a playpen. Next we upgraded to a HUGE “bunk room” trailer that would sleep 9 if we needed it.  If I think back eighteen years I think we had the big trailer our first year in Sauble Beach.  The kidlets were 12, 9, 3 and 9 months.  We camped with our friends for several years and the six kids all played together through the years.  Our oldest hated camping and still hates it but the other three love camping with our oldest boy has his own pop up and our two youngest are going tent camping with friends this year.  Our oldest’s last trip was with us to Disney in 2002 but with six people and Florida’s 4 people maximum we would never had been able to afford Disney otherwise.  We stayed there for a week and the Fort Wilderness campground was one of the best we have ever been too.  We have to say though that we feel we belong in Sauble.  I think after 18 years of going to the same place you start to feel like a summer local.

We upgraded to a brand new but two year old trailer once the older two weren’t going all the time with us.  We had built in bunk beds and a futon type couch that was the only slide out.  That worked well until the two youngest outgrew the bunks.  Then we got a larger trailer and the kidlets had their own “bunk room” and I loved it because I could close the door to their mess.  Then my hubby got his Harley and I saw that our trailer dealer had the perfect trailer for us.  We got it just before we had our annual trip to Sauble Beach.  We went and exchanged our “not so old” trailer for the new “older model” trailer that we still have.  Our first trip was with my daughter and our wonderful exchange student from Thailand.  Then our boys came up with my awesome niece and my future daughter in law.  It was a great adventure.  We had to do all the tourist stuff for Sandy because well she was new to the camping thing and really it’s more like glamping now for us.  The trailer has our own bathroom and the back room has a half bath.  We tell the kids that showers are down at the public showers.

My Collage of Sauble Beach Memories

I’ve been to Cuba, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Jamaica twice, London, Paris, Lido de Jeselo, Venice, Verona, Assisi, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Curaçao and all over the United States with more to explore but my Happy Place is in my hammock with a book, glass of wine in Sauble Beach, Ontario.  

Where is your Hapy Place? Mine is a hammock, in Sauble Beach.

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Nine Days

Out of Spoons
It’s been nine days since I last posted a blog, probably ten by the time I post this.  Where have I been?  Well in a dark room taking medications, ice, sleeping, disappointing my daughter, sleep, barely eating but that’s the life of a person with a chronic illness.  My migraines have just been off the charts in severity and frequency, my right hip is burning and I’ve had a sinus infection.I’ve also been grinding my teeth or clenching in my sleep and my jaw is sore and I havent’ figured out how I can ice both sides at the same time.  Any ideas?
I have asked every doctor that I’ve been to this week about Botox for my migraines and they all agree.  So I have to ask my family doctor about them and get a referral to whatever doctor will get the injections from.  I never thought that I’d be happy about getting shots but I need to try something.  I’m also going to try a natural path doctor this coming week as well.  My doctor today said that the natural path may be able to give me acupuncture so that’s another new trial for me.  

I drove myself to my doctor’s today so that was plus for me.  I also went to pick up my hubby’s motorcycle parts that were back from the repair and painting today.  Hubby went back to work on light duties after his motorcycle accident.  It was a month before the specialist wanted him to back and after seeing his leg after a day walking (in the boot) I can see why the doctor said to wait.  My hubby is stubborn but so am I.

So while I’ve been out of commission, in my dark cave of a bedroom, I’ve been healing which is what I need to do.  

So that’s where I’ve been.  What have you been up to?

Journey with me … mini2z

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Nobody is ‘too pretty’ to be in a wheelchair – Sarah

Proud of you Sarah!
Rock those wheels (motor) you beautiful young lady!

Scope's Blog

30 under 30 logo

This story is part of 30 Under 30.

Sarah is a 29 year-old blogger who writes about beauty, lifestyle and living with chronic pain, as well as running #SpooniePost – a project to support fellow chronically ill people. She has a Masters in English and she’s also a trustee for Enhance the UK and the editor of their new online magazine, Liability Magazine.

For 30 Under 30, Sarah has written a guest blog about her passion for beauty and society’s problem with people who don’t ‘look disabled’.

I’ve experienced quite a lot of judgement, negativity and ableism over the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also had so many positive things happen too, but I wanted to address something that seems to be a common occurrence: the view that some disabled people don’t ‘look disabled’.

I don’t know where this skewed idea of what a disabled person looks like has come from, but I’m getting a bit tired of…

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Yes but I am…

You look good! 
You have colour in your face! 

You don’t look sick…the list is endless…

Yes, but I am sick
You see a happy, healthy woman, hiding exhaustion, pain and so much more…

These all should be good things to hear but to anyone battling an invisible you fight a “thanks” out and all the while are hating hearing it.  Yes, I don’t look sick but I am.  I am sick of justifying that I am sick.  When I was told I had Lupus it was a relief, scary but a relief.  I had all kinds of crazy horrible things happening to my body that was chalked up to my thyroid for so long because there are over 300 symptoms. Thank you to Hypothyroid mom for getting me through that and fighting my Endoricnologist for a different medication.  My thyroid laboratory results were fine but I was sick.  I felt like I had the flu 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No I’m not exaggerating I was sick all the time.  I was exhausted, constant low grade fevers, constant nausea, boughts of vomiting and diarrhea, migraines, constant headaches (yes there is a difference) insomnia, fatigue, unable wake up from all of the above.  I had a few episodes of going to the emergency room because of dehydration, migraines and persistent vomiting and at one of those trips I had a nurse then the doctor ask me if I had lupus, nope it had never been mentioned (for me) to me as a possibility.  Sometime after that I posted a selfie of Ranger and me to their page and was asked via direct message if I had lupus.  I knew about lupus, no not because of House because I just watched all eight seasons in February of this year, no it was because my girlie, my youngest child had Anti-DNA antibodies several years prior (still does) and we were told she could get Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus.  At the time, hubby and I were tested and neither of us had these Anti-DNA antibodies but my daughter didn’t have a positive ANA test.  So like every mom, I read about it and I knew what to look for in her but never put the two and two together.  I mentioned it to my family doctor and thus began my Lupus Journey.  

So why does, “You don’t look sick” bother me?  Oh I don’t know, maybe because I smile through the pain, I was dragging myself to work and doing a half assed job at it getting more and more worn down.  I constantly heard, “you’re always sick, what’s wrong, why can’t you go to work…?” To them, they saw a tired, lazy, unreliable employee and coworker.  Depression and anxiety got the better of me. Anytime I was sick, I had someone come to my house to “see if I was there.” If I was sick two days, then I’d have someone there both days and on the third day they’d need a doctor’s note.  The bosses started requesting them on the first day and so the anxiety built up.  I never got time to catch up, heal and I always tried to be happy.  My personal rules are if I have a fever of 101 or higher, I’m puking, can’t get off the toilet or have not slept, I am not going to work.  It’s not safe or healthy to be working feeling sick. So if I was fighting a fever or in the bathroom or not coherent or migraines (but that’s another story) I didn’t go to work.  I’ve been off work on long term disability for over a year and a half and I still get physically ill every time I leave the house because I know I don’t “look” sick and everyone that I see tells me so.  What started this was three people in one day telling me all of the above, including my own mother.  Yes mom, I know you know I’m sick and she’s seen me at my worst and knows how bad it gets when I’m not hiding behind a smile.

when my mom said, but you have colour

My family for the most part gets it. What I show the world on social media or seeing me out on the rare occasion that I’m at a store and I have that smile on my face because I’m hiding the pain, the exhaustion, the fatigue and oh those red rouge like cheeks are because the lupus gives me a slight “butterfly rash”.  The cheeks being red means if you see me I probably don’t have make up on at all.

So Yes I Am Sick I just hide it really well because I have an INVISIBLE ILLNESS.  






unable to be seen; not visible to the eye.

“this invisible gas is present to some extent in every home”

So the next time you see me, ask me how I’m doing really, how I’m coping but don’t tell me I don’t look sick.

So how are you?  No really, how are you?  Fine isn’t an answer…

Journey with me … mini2z

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Sending this oldie out well due to the current migraine activity my brain and body have been experiencing


ˈ  mīˌɡrān/
  •  a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision
Source; “google search
I have been getting migraines since I was about 22 years old.  That was the first time I remember having to be in bed in a dark room taking medication for the pain and nausea.  It lasted about three days.  I don’t remember if that was the first time I ended up in the emergency room for it or if it was the next one.  They came on shortly, I say shortly but it was about a month or so later, after I had slipped and hit the back of my head on my dining room table.  I had a head CT scan and was referred to a neurologist who told me there was nothing that he could see…

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