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I have to keep saying this to myself but some days I want to give up, give in, anything to feel normal again. Constant pain, constant nausea, fatigue, not sleeping, headaches, sadness and so much more day after day really wears on you.

When you store up, rest up to be able to face the next day and then end up feeling worse you wonder why me?  I’m a fighter but some days I have nothing left to fight with.

Every year I go to a hockey game with my son.  That was yesterday.  Today I’m so feeling, the too long of a walk, too many stairs, the cold, anxiety of such a large place in public and over stimulation.  The noise and flash overhead (we think it was a photographer for the game) had me wanting to leave after the warm ups.  I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to go alone and my son can’t go in a ladies room with me twenty years old so I waited until we were leaving and again more stairs.  I see my family doctor tomorrow so I’m going to ask for x-rays of my hips because they’re in so much pain today that just resting they’re throbbing.

I do have to say that both my kidlets have had colds the past week or so and I haven’t gotten that.  (touching wood) I will be getting cortisone shots next week in both hips at an increased dose so I know that will provide some relief after a couple days but the shots don’t seem to last very long. 

So I’m going to Always Keep Fighting.

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  • Hang in there. Have hope! Things will get better, they have to, right? My husband and i have a wacky sense of humor. I am addicted to all things Real Housewives, and my husband has taken to calling me Yolanda, as in Yolanda from Real Housewives of BH. The one with the crazy lime’s disease that has left her bed ridden. Just curious, have you tried Adderall in you drug regimine? Yes it is a controlled substance, an amphetamine, dangerous and addictive as hell, but it has made a HUGE impact on my ability to move without bones hurting, my ability to stay awake, and general overall functioning. Clears up brain fog. I am sure you have the best of the best dr’s. Just a thought…..everyone I know has given me “helpful hints.” Annoying as hell and I just did that!
    Feel better, Lee.
    You have 2 boxes that will be winging their way to Windsor on Monday. Hope it cheers you up!
    PS- Pretty amazing you have a blog. You are tough. A fighter. Stay engaged!

    • Aww Lee THANK YOU! No I’ve never watched any of the Real Housewives. Survivor and Amazing Race are my two reality shows. My doctors are reluctant to add anything new, even extra pain meds because of the depression side effect. I was surprised when the Rhuemy upped the Plaquenil last week. Every increase in or change in medication knocks me for a loop for month or two… I just saw the photo on our group and you’re spoiling me
      Love Kristin

  • Sounds like you have some tough days and yet you still went to that game with your son. I hope you keep doing what’s important to you when you can. And don’t forget resting is not doing nothing, it’s actively looking after yourself. Good luck

  • Hi there, I came across your blog over at Blogging 101: Commenting Bootcamp. I commend you for never giving up and fighting through even when you don’t want to fight anymore. Although, I don’t know what it means to have your illnesses I do know what it means to fight through potential life threatening illness. Sometimes a simple affirmation, like the one you’ve shared, can get you through a rough patch.

    Keep on keeping on even when the going gets tough. I wish you the best.

    Erica @ The Broken Spine

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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