36 Days of Vacation

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Today is day two of my thirty six days off. Yes 36 days off! I’m in my 24th year and as a result I get a lot of vacation hours every year. Working a 12-hour schedule with four days off makes it just 12 shifts off makes it a 36 day vacation.

I spent yesterday sleeping for two hours, then transporting my daughter to two doctor’s appointments, then Ranger had to go to the vets because he’s been sick. The poor pup is on a 18 hour fast and pepto for 48 hours every 8 hours. He liked it yesterday but not now. I’m gonna have to get creative on the ways to give it to him.

Today the hubby and I are trading in our trailer for a newer, bigger trailer so we can bring his bike camping.

It’s raining and we get to transfer our stuff from the old to the new…..



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