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I have been reading Elena’s blogs for a while now and saw it in my reader but when I read this specific post via a Pinterest pin I knew I had to share it.  Elena’s number one is also my number one.  Seriously, I go you your blog, I follow it in Bloglovin, WordPress or one that I make a special trip to everyday and the pop up please subscribe?  Really? Don’t you know that I come to this page everyday?  I get your emails and it’s as annoying as hell.  No really it is.  I will never do this to my readers.  There is a button on the right that you can click if you want to follow or follow via WordPress.  I am self hosted but I’ve chosen to stay on WordPress because I like the format.  I may pay for the upgrade because my old eyes has trouble seeing my own fonts and I like colours!

So please check out Elena’s post on Five Reasons I Didn’t Read Your BLOG Post by Living with Batman

I hope you love her blog as much as I do!  Happy Sunday!

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