This morning I was hoping I would feel better but actually worse. I’ve been sick since last Saturday. I thought it was just lack of sleep and/or driving that was making me nauseous.

Nausea, stomach pains, headache have been plaguing me all week. My sugars are surprisingly staying good and no keytones yet.

So my pupalup Ranger is sick too. My hubby suggested I made him sick. I don’t think I’m contagious to our dog!
So gramma cooked him up some chicken and rice to have until his stomach settles.

In addition to my stomach issues, headache I can barely walk today. I got a biopsy on a mole on my foot and it really hurts. Changed the dressings and keeping it dry but ouch!

Starting to feel like I’m not getting better but worse so I’ve actually searched the ER wait times and told my daughter that she was going to have to take me. She nicely told me to have my mother take me. I think I’ll try having a nap.

. IMG_4846.JPG

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