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Friday was a great day, the Christmas tree finally went up! My girlie and her BFF had started a new tradition of setting up and decorating our tree. Well exams were done and after work they set up the tree.  It was so pretty to wake up to a Christmasfied living room.

I also received my Secret Santa present and she completely spoiled me. So many gifts that they didn’t all fit in the photo.  Things from my wish list and other items that I didn’t know I needed.  Kate Spade blue/green napkins – YES!  Super comfy hoodie and under armor short for lounging, yellow submarine tea and a teapot for loose leaf tea.  The sub is perfect to go in the trailer.  I have the pretty snowflake ornament on the tree too!

It’s not supposed to snow so we will be having a green Christmas.

Wrapping presents tonight after the girlie goes to work.  She wants me to get to work on them so I don’t exhaust myself.  Good idea Se!  Love you and Kitty for all your help.  L thank you again for the wonderful spoiling secret Santa gift!

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