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Tea in the Green Sheepies mug is the Featured Image.

That Doctor appointment that I wasn’t able to get into for over two years and finally saw yesterday? Well I immediately LOVE him.  Hubby went in with me and he liked him too.  He read my previous report, took away one medication and adjusted some others.  The best part is he listens and he gets it.  He understands the autoimmune side and what it does to your body.  So for now I’ll be seeing him every two weeks.

Capping off the week with a good appointment after my first appointment didn’t go so good is a plus in my book.


today’s project of declutter and cleaning….

I have new homework from my occupational therapist.  She took some items from my Zero Day Project 101 things to do in 1001 days.  http://dayze.ro/p/238199 I marked this complete and it says it’s sharable.  One of the other things on my to do list was to have a family game night.  (more in the next paragraph)

Hubby was working for father’s day.  The older kidlets were working and had weddings and other things going on.  So last night we had them all over for a BBQ.  Its nice to have all the kids (and yes Rachel you are a kidlet until you make me a grams)  over and staying and all enjoying our times together.  Well perfect time for family game night.  So Cards Against Humanity it was.  I think we played for over two hours and I ended up tied with my son as the winners.  Most of the family likes the living room the little changes.  Smaller coffee table, dining room table bench out front now. it opens up the space…

Today’s project is to clean the clutter off the china cabinet and the picture board to the right of it.


My cozy open space & two pupalups


bench in the front a few more things to find permanent homes for

Happy 4th of July to my Followers, Family and Friends in the US.  Remember most dogs do NOT like fireworks and it’s the day the most dogs go missing.   Leave them at home.

So what are you doing today?

Journey with me…mini2z


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