And we are off…I am anyhow

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Well we will be once the kidlets and hubby wake up.  Hubby needs the extra sleep and the girlies well they’re teens so extra sleep is always good.

We accomplished a lot yesterday.  The Harley is loaded in the trailer, I found my helmet (my hubby won’t keep it in the bike because of the flowers on it) laundry done and mostly sorted away in the trailer.

I’m off to Wal-Mart for the few things I still need like a couple jugs of water because Sauble water is yucky.  It smells and I really hate even doing laundry in the water. I do need to look for a small wine rack for on my counter.  My hubby laughed saying, “you brought a box of wine? Where is it going to go?”  Well it’s not a FULL box but you need variety right? Closet floor for now is where it’s stored~!

Dogs crates are loaded in the garage and I will get a photo of them later.  They don’t travel well, they cry, whine, bark so hubby thought travelling in their own bed might help them.

Safe Travels!



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    Sauble Beach, Ontario is truely a gem. If I’m in constant pain I’d rather be surrounded by beauty.

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