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Tomorrow I will have my last birthday in my 40’s.  Reflecting on this past year has brought me many happy memories, lots of new friends, an amazing weekend in Chicago for HealtheVoices, moving my son and his girlfriend up north, new patient advocate opportunities and so much more.  I’m not trying to reflect on the bad, like my health, the flood, my son moving away but you take the good with the bad.  I’ve grown closer to my amazing husband.  I miss the hell out of my son and he needs to call home more.  My daughter and I do things like lunch or a movie on good days.

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I’ve been nominated two WEGO Health awards for Rookie of the Year and Best in Show – Blog for my Patient Advocacy.  I believe that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been selected to attend HealtheVoices.  So much has come from that one weekend with other patient advocates with the award nominations only part of the awesomeness.  Friends, so many new friends that understand chronic illness because they’re going through their own journey.  While we all have different conditions or even some same as but we all have our mental health and they’re there when battling through the bad days to pick me up.

The year ahead I see me writing more (yes really), getting the Windsor Essex Lupus support group actually to have a meeting or three, seeing the Taylor Swift concert (depending on how I feel that day) with my daughter, flying up to Thunder Bay to see my son and his amazing girlfriend, some collaborations with fellow Patient Advocates.  I’ll be interviewing my Pain Care doctor in the coming week or two for another article on Low Dose Naltrexone because I’ve had success with it, more needs to be out there about it.  For my Birthday, you can endorse me for the WEGO Health awards, you can endorse both.  You don’t even have to leave this page, the pictures on the left of this blog, you add your name and email address, that’s it, easy, simple and a big thank you.

I’m hoping in the next year to get an Apple watch to take the place of my Fitbit and if my children and husband want to help, Apple gift cards would be great, that’s a really big hint!

My brain has more to write but the brain fog has taken over and I can’t remember what I wanted to write.  This happens quite often so I feel a blog isn’t complete and this is why I have 15 drafts on the go.  Tomorrow I’m going to hopefully have some time in my hammock with a glass of wine and my book so I’m hoping it’s not going to be a nice day.  Don’t forget to endorse me for the WEGO awards, really it’s easy.

What are your plans for the week?


Thanks for reading.

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