Ants in the Dishwasher?

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  Yes you read that correctly!  We have ANTS in the dishwasher.  You’d think that after your run it daily that they’d cook and die but nope.  Run the dishwasher and as soon as dirty dishes are back in there the ants come back.  I’ve put ant traps in the dishwasher (removed before running), made the all natural “ant killer” with warm water, sugar and borax and now the super ant killer traps.  The dishwasher is sealed so how are they getting in there?  How are they still living?  We’ve had little ants here and there but these are the big carpenter ants and I don’t get it.

Where are they coming from?

Any suggestions?  I have the pupalups so I have to be careful about what I put out and where so they don’t get into it and get sick.

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  • How annoying – they must be enjoying being clean. Looking forward to seeing any suggestions people may come up with. Good luck

  • That’s so weird… If they don’t get killed with a wash, then they must be inside the mechanics or behind the dishwasher itself. But how they get in is beyond me. Good luck I hope you get rid of them.

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    I wrote this last year on September 12th and THEY’RE BACK. Seriously, I’m at my wits end with these insects and I really don’t think Ant Man will come and gather up his friends. I tried everything I could find last year and I don’t want to use anything that would hurt the pupalups either. The pups are eating one ant here and there but they’re driving me nuts and it’s only MARCH.

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