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    New Year and Full of Hope

    happy new year Curacao swim with a wild turtle

    Where have I been? 

    My last blog post was at the end of October.  So much has gone on since my last blog post such as my extra daughter came for a visit for a week, we got our basement finished, I had a whirlwind 48 hours with my daughters to Niagara Falls, our last Christmas as one big family all together, my son got a great job but means and so much more!  I believe my very next appointment with my Pain Care Doctor I was prescribed with the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  I can no longer use any opioid medications as they will not work because of the LDN.  I’ve had an okay transition but finding that it’s helping for some of the joint pain but the deep burning in my hips and the SI joint it doesn’t work.  The strongest I can take of anything is Robaxacet which is just acetaminophen and a muscle relaxer.  Trying to find my way through this has been hard.

    I was surprisingly approved for a medical cannabis prescription in just about eight days Click To Tweet

    After two full months on the LDN my doctor suggested Medical Marijuana/ Cannabis.  We filled out the forms and his office submitted them.  I was surprisingly approved for a medical cannabis prescription in just about eight days later.  I received an email from Cannimed and did a lot of reading of the reviews on the three strains that they have and found that the oil that would be best for me the 1:20 Oil which has almost no THC ( 1 ) and more of the CBD ( 20 ).  It has a 4.5-star rating and it is the oil that children can take.  I ordered it right away and it was delivered just a day and a half later.  I started using the medical cannabis right away with the 05 ml liquid dose.  Oh my, the taste was absolutely horrible.  You see, you need to put the oil in your mouth, under your tongue and it absorbs into your system.  I kind of just figured out what the doctor meant by titrating the dose and I found what I was working for me.  After about four weeks using just the 1:20 CBD oil, my doctor suggested using something with more THC so I ordered the 10:10 oil and found out later that there is micro-dosing (so that you use the right amount at the lowest dose possible). So the 10:10 oils are talked about as 1:1 dosages for the micro-dosing after I found a wonderful support group on Facebook for Women in Canada:   SheCann   Have I mentioned that between the LDN and the medical cannabis are working?  My nausea had been cut down by I’d say 50 percent, the weekly trigger point injections are helping for about four days now and I’m sleeping well again thanks to the medical cannabis.  It’s not all good because I’m still fainting, heart racing and the deep bone pain in my hips and my SI joints.

    We are a group of Canadian women who thought that we needed a place for us to share our experiences with medical Cannabis

    What I’m working on now is figuring out how I can keep advocating for myself and for others who are warriors like me of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, along with depression and anxiety.  I’ve wanted to write but I was finding it hard to actually write what I was feeling because of so much of a whirlwind that’s been my health and our family.  I guess they call it writer’s block but I feel like I’m going to commit to writing once a week.

    Family Christmas with ALL my Kidlets

    Saying Goodbye Again …

    Photo of me captured by Sandy



    Do you like to see photos in blogs?  Do you just like reading the blog or are visuals good for you as well?  How are you feeling and dealing with your journey through you illness?

    Thanks for following me on my journey to finding me again.

    Journey with me … mini2z 

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    Feeling Some Hope

    Feeling Some Hope


    I wonder when my life became a revolving door of doctor’s appointments, nausea, fatigue, chronic pain, migraines, and the list goes on.  I spend my time managing my life around my illnesses.  I have a no more than one doctor appointment in one day due to the crappy chairs in the waiting rooms that cause more pain, doctors falling behind because it always happens.  I have a few doctors that I get in right around my appointment time.

    I’ve had to have a few doubled up appointments because my Pain Care doctor wants to have me try Low-dose naltrexone or LDN.  I’m a good candidate but it entails having all my doctors aware and on board so that we can work quickly if any complications arise.  What is LDN?  Well, the short answer is it’s a smaller dose from .05 to 4.5 mg compared to the 50 mg dosages that are given to persons going through opioid withdrawal.  The LDN is what’s called off-label because they’re still doing studies on it.  Yes, I feel like I’m part of a study, I’m not but the process has been hard fought.

    What is low-dose naltrexone and why is it important?

    Low-dose naltrexone holds great promise for the millions of people worldwide with autoimmune diseases or central nervous system disorders or who face a deadly cancer.


    My conditions of Lupus, Depression, Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, are just a few of the conditions that LDN can help.  I’ve also read that it can help with migraines.  I’ve lost three years of my life so far to the storm that my body has gone through.  I’m currently seeing a General Practioner monthly, my Pain Care Doctor (anesthesiologist) weekly for therapeutic nerve injections, Psychologist and Psychiatrist both vary between every 4-6 weeks (it was at every two weeks), my Rheumatologist, I see quarterly now but I can call if I need to see her sooner and then last but not least is my Endocrinologist who I see twice a year but I went in to see him three months early so that we could get this LDN started.  I also supplement my doctors with massage, chiropractic and essential oils.

    My Endocrinologist has applied for a FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring system.  The fears are that I’ll end up in more hypoglycemic episodes in addition to the high sugars.  I think it’s a product that I’ll love.  So please cross your fingers that I get approved for this device.

    In between all these doctors appointments, I try to keep up with something in the house be it dishes, folding laundry, sweeping up dog hair on top of my chronic pain, nausea and almost always present migraine.  My daughter has gotten me to the actual cinema a couple times and the new lazyboy recliners are any spoonies friend for a three-hour movie.

    I’ve been more “lupusy” of late, I basically fell asleep on Thanksgiving at the table and then slept for two more days.  For me, the lupusy feeling is more achy joints, constant headache, more nausea (is that possible?), itchy and low-grade fevers, basically the feeling like having the flu but it doesn’t ever go away.

    This week on deck, my shots aren’t until Thursday and I have a 2nd Dr appointment that day.  I have only one other this week so I’m feeling like it’s a slow week.  I have a pile of lab work to get done but the majority of the vampires are on strike and the couple times I’ve gone to the other labs, they closed really early because well everyone needs bloodwork.

    I had a good day with my daughter

    I feel like this blog post was so technical but for me, it’s exciting that all my doctors are on the same page, I may be on the LDN soon.  Now back to the regularly scheduled chaos of getting our house back to pre-flood, my daughter and her friend painted the first coat in the family room and it looks good.

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    After The Storm

    After The Storm

    Somewhere, in my memory box is a poem called After The Storm that I wrote. I haven’t found that box and hope it survived our flood.  It also makes me think of the poem, After a While by Veronica A. Shoffstall and the blog I wrote featuring it titled: Hopeful.  

    What does this have to do with After the Storm?  Well, I will find the poem but the storm for me has been my health but more recently we experienced a catastrophic rainstorm.  We had almost seven inches of rain in less than three hours.  As a result of this storm, we flooded, in our yard and then in the house.  We also got rain from the roof that leaked as a result of the catastrophic windstorm in March.  (that’s another rant)

    Photo from the Windsor Star – link on photo

    What the Ditch/Drain is like normally

    We have this check valve or back up valve that is installed so we don’t get water.  Well, the valve failed.  At first, the water was just in the yard, on the street but then it came rushing up the drain in the floor.  When we moved into this house, it was covered with tinfoil.  The only water we’d had in 22 years was when the hose broke on our washer when we were out at a birthday party.  We have a wet/dry vacuum but it would fill in seconds but our son brought home a sump pump, then our son went to my grams to get her spare sump pump.  We had two pumps going in the basement and we were able to keep it to about 3-4 inches when our neighbours had a foot to a foot and a half of water.  On top of all this, we were getting leaks in the bathroom and kitchen.  The kitchen isn’t so bad but the bathroom is another story.  Our insurance company, Allstate, has been great.  Our basement is covered to our maximum allowed and because we did so much of the hauling of the wet and severely smelly carpet, boxes and clothes out to a bin we ordered, we will not have to pay the deductible.  The roof that was supposed to be replaced after March is now going back to the insurance company to reassess the damage because it now includes water damage that shouldn’t have been there.  We are waiting on that.  After the storm, we already have the cheque from Allstate and can start to put this part of our life back together.

    L-R, Backyard Lake, Flooded Road, Flooded basement, first pile of wet, soggy basement items, The Sasso Bin with load #2, the Red Sky at Night After the Storm


    I’m also working on my health.  My health storm isn’t over but I’m choosing to find the balance.  I’ve become a doTerra Wellness Advocate to save money on essential oils for my personal use but it’s become so much more to me.  I can look in every room of the house that and see doterra products, be it oils to shampoo, to soap to a diffuser or two.  Slowly, I’m adding more and more natural, healthy for me items into my life.  I’m excited about doterra and the direction it’s heading for me.  I have my now too small box of oils, a larger one is on my Amazon wishlist!  I have doterra products all over the house now, hand cream that is not greasy, soap and shampoo in the shower.  I plan on making my own bath bombs because the store bought ones are just too strong for me.  I have lemon and wild orange on my window sill for adding to water.

    I’m still getting nerve block shots in my head, neck, back and SI joints weekly.  The hope is to be able to go every two weeks soon.  I have scheduled the appointment to see my Endocrinologist so that we can all work to trying the LDN. I have every doctor on my team visits in the next two weeks, after trying to only schedule two per week.  It is actually exhausting getting ready, getting there on time only to wait for long periods of time.  I have been really out of sorts and finally figured out that I was doubling my iron pills and not taking my antidepressant.  Yeah, that was a really stupid thing.  Lesson learned, look at the actual label before filling up your Pill Drill for the week.  Our new mattress set will be delivered on Friday, so we are hoping for a great night’s sleep.

    Sleep, I need sleep, it’s just been so exhausting.

    mini2z … journey with me

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