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The Sunday Before…

Today is the end of an amazing day before my surgery.  I’m enjoying a glass of wine and some leftover gluten free pizza I had in the fridge.  After midnight I can only have water, apple juice, tea or coffee until 5am but I can have a sip of water with my morning medication.

My day started out with me trying and not succeeding to use the USPS self serve machine.  I got the labels printed no problem but there was a homeless man in the lobby the kept talking to me about the restaurant across the street. I ended up waiting until they opened to turn my parcels in.  I had stopped to pick up my mail including a package that had been misplaced 12 days ago.  I found out just three days ago that I had not received it when I picked up other mail.  It had some yellow stains on it like something was spilled on it but everything in it was fine.  (I opened it later)

I met my friend for lunch at O’Mara’s Restaurant.  It’s an amazing “more than Irish” restaurant!  They have high tea on Tuesdays and I want to go back for that!  We had a wonderful brunch and enjoyed getting to know each other and our tea! I feel like she’s a kindred spirit.

I went to Target (yes we have them in Canada but not for long) because I had a gift card of mine and another friend’s to spend and they were only good at the US stores.  I think I spent three hours in Target.  I never get to go by myself and I enjoyed looking at stuff for me and my friend.  Now you see I’m very happy that Target has free wifi because I had a few questions for my friend since I was buying stuff for her with her gift card too!

I bought myself a really cool French Bull band for my fitbit, a nice “fake leather” backpack, two EOS lip-balms that I have not been able to find in Canada, some organic kids lemonade and some white hug-able hangers.  I got a few things for the family too boring stuff like cookies and undershirts.

I was spoiled today by my friends!  You see that package that had been MIA well it was a care package from an amazing group of ladies that I’m friends with.  They deserve a huge thanks and I love you all for the awesome care package!  Ladies the girlie tried to steal the blanket!

So even though my feet really hurt from all the walking it was an awesome Sunday with friends.  Love you ladies.


The awesome goodies from my PCD Ladies


My Target Goodies


The French Bull Fitbit Band

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  • Love it! Glad you had a great day, you needed that before tomorrow! You got a great stash there, that FitBit band is beyond neat! And thanks for doing my shopping too ;). You’re a great friend!

    • Love you too Andi – long distance shopping is pretty fun!! I have a gf who is from windsor & ill have her look for the bars – my mom or a kidlet will get your box to you this week

  • Glad you got that shopping done before your surgery. Hope your surgery goes well and you are back on the blogging scene quickly! ~Elle

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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