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AXON OPTICS: My Trial With The Hannik Migraine Glasses *hint* I LOVE Them

I have never been so happy to write a review.  I received the Axon Optics HANNIK – Migraine Glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief.  I had my choice of four different pairs of glasses.  I went back and forth between this pair and the over the glasses pair.  Ultimately, I chose the Hannik with the lighter indoor tint.  I chose this pair because I knew I’d be watching my iPad in bed and when I do that I don’t wear my contacts or glasses.  They are big enough to put over my smaller glasses though and I did wear them that way.  The glasses also came with an information card.  I’ve included a photo of the card.


They arrived well packaged and not over packaged that when you order from Amazon sometimes happens.  They were in a box in a box and there is a carrying case and cleaning cloth for getting rid of fingerprints.




Did they work? YES oh my gosh, YES they worked!  I’m so happy that these are MINE now!  I wear them every night, you see my hubby goes to bed around ten at night but because of pain I’m not always ready to sleep at the same time.  So I’m nestled in the bed and he has a pillow so he doesn’t get bothered by the light.  Compromised by adding a pillow as a wall so I’m not bugging him.  I wore them as sunglasses with my contacts if I had a doctor’s appointment.  My oldest daughter took me to the theatre and I wore them in the show as well.  If it was sunny in the house, I wore them as well too.


Did they work? YES oh my gosh, YES they worked! Click To Tweet




The first few days that I had them my hubby noticed that I was squinting and said, “put your migraine glasses on”.  I was remembering, yes I have them.  Now they are right beside me and ready to put on when needed for television, iPad or even reading.

The only con is under my eyes get a little sweaty but that’s because they block the light coming in.


Light Can Be Painful
You know your eyes are directly connected to your brain, right? Well, what you may not know is that there are actually two SEPARATE pathways. One transmits visual information, the other transmits pain—pain designed to tell you that the light entering your eyes is harmful and can cause damage.  Source:  Axon Optics Website


I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from migraines, occasional headache or just wants to avoid eye strain because they’re in front of computer all day.

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 Axon Optics Review by mini2z


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