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I knew that I’d be off my feet but I didn’t know that I’d be confined to bed for the first week.  The nurse was very stern with you are to only get out of bed to use the washroom and that’s it.  Let your family take care off you.

Yesterday I woke up in worse pain than when I woke up from the anesthetic.  I then remembered that I was going to have a local freezing on both feet and I figured that wore off so that would be my increased pain.  So I tried to stay up on the pain medication to not let myself hurt that much again.

I’ve learned that it’s easier to leave the walking shoe things on during the day because even with Velcro they’re a pain in the ass to put on and off.

My dogs are staying in my room just to keep an eye on me.  When I do get up to use the washroom they both watch me shuffle there and back.

Compared to when I was on bed-rest with my daughter seventeen years ago this is so much better.  I have a phone beside me, my computer to look at and my surface to watch Netflix.  Although, whatever I’ve watched no matter what I’ve fallen asleep.  But sleep is what heals the body and think it’s nap-time.!



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