Broken AC and Angels

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Well seriously I’m not complaining that it’s finally HOT and beautiful but our AC isn’t working either. I don’t have to work or have school in the morning so it’s ok for me. Hubby and the kidlets will be grumpy though.

Our AC is only two years old, if that. I think we got it in the fall but I know we have had to have fluid put in both springs. That lasts the full summer but it’s still an inconvenience to have to go through this every spring.

I’m currently back at work on a modified increasing hours schedule and won’t work nights until June. There is NO way I could sleep during the day in this humid house. So here’s to calling the AC guy tomorrow to hopefully get it fixed and not just another spring “patch up”.

Today I’m thinking of my Poppa Jack
Today is his birthday and I miss him lots


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  • Side note: mother in law just called & hubby gave her directions on how to work her AC thermostat – it’s only 79 in the house

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