This photo I took in the fall in the pupalups outside water dish.  It was so perfect, shiny and red against the glistening water in the dish.



Happy Canada Day!  I was listening to a radio show and was floored when the question arose and a survey was happening to see if Canada Day should be celebrated on the first Monday in July or remain on July 1st.  We have enough holidays in this country that occur on the first or third Monday such as Family Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day.  Canada Day is July 1st and NOT a day just to get a long weekend.

While having long weekends are great not everyone in this country works a Monday to Friday job.  I sure don’t, the only reason I’m off today is because I took a holiday day – well four actually to have this stretch of days off.

Canada day should remain July First.

End of rant by mini2z

What are you doing today?  I’m making Mexican lasagna for the family and being otherwise lazy.  The next few days will be full of adventures including a trip to the hospital with my girlie tomorrow night.  She has some breathing test scheduled at a crazy time. That’s two strange appointments for her.

I think I will open one of my new bottles of wine today.  Which one shall it be?  Twisted is gone…going to buy a case tomorrow at the LCBO it’s on SALE too!


Happy Canada Day







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