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    Friday Flashbacks

    @mini2z Friday Flashbacks

    I was reading blogs this morning like I do every morning and Ness’s really spoke to me.  Friday Appreciation, A Pictorial of our Ordinary Life. 

    I’ve had a busy two weeks, doctors appointments, sort of shopping, over packing, getting set up and recovery.  I had my birthday, yeah, closer to another milestone.  Apparently, I’m not allowed to regress in age and being caught in it.  I had so many wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook, texts, phone calls from my kidlets and a yummy cake from our oldest son and my daughter in law.  I forgot to take a picture of the cake.  They visited for a four wonderful days and after about 24 hours the three dogs, Keely, Ranger and Harley, who is my “grand puppy” and the boss, they learned to co-exist.  

    Did I mention it was way to much for me?  I was sore at home, no motivation and the searing pain in my lower back and hips isn’t getting better but worse.  Well even with rest, hammock time, rest I’m still in a flare.

    So here’s a few photos from the past week or so, up to and including today….

    Books: Me Before You

    Surviving Henri

    Grown Up Colouring Books

    Birthday Books


    Rachel with Harley

    Morning coffee

    Harley and me


    my grams – 92!!!

    my mommy

    with mom and grams

    scary me

    Pickachu in my house

    I was so happy to spend time with my mom and grams.  My gram is 92 years young and she’s healthier than me. They were up early and I was able to snap a selfie.  My gram thinks it’s great to take “selfies”.  It was my gram and poppa who took me camping when I was younger.  I’ve passed this love onto my own family.  My son was in Algonquin Park this past weekend and he has a “selfie” oh him and a bull moose just wading in the water.  Did I mention my son is a bit crazy?  A moose that close would have freaked me out!

    I was lucky and a Pickachu showed up IN my house!  Very lucky on my part!

    So thankful for the reading I’ve been doing and books I bought from my birthday gift card including a swear word colouring book!

    I miss my two youngest kidlets.  I’m in a lot of pain so I’m just doing what I can because I’ve done too much and my body is paying for it.  

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Monday Musings


    Today has me musing:

    • I hate April.  No really, because the rain that brings the flowers has been all kinds of wet, snow, rain, snow and rain combos.  This rain makes me hurt LOTS more and it also has turned my back yard into a mud pit.  
    • It marks a week since my mommy moved out and in with my gram.  Gram just turned 92 so she needs my mom more than me right now.  My mom originally moved in in 2001 until she found a new place and then six days later I had shoulder surgery.  She never moved out.  She was afraid we wouldn’ let her come back after, but we will.  Don’t worry momma you’re always welcome.
    • I think I like this Zagg Rugged Keyboard case that I ordered from Amazon. I picked it because it could be used four ways, it had lots of reviews and the word “rugged” sold me.  Solid it is and for me the eternal klutz I’m happy to have a cheaper option to have to not buy a new laptop.  I am still getting used to it.  The keyboard itself should stay charged for two years.  I put it on my iPad and my husband wants one.  I went onto Amazon and it’s now $89.99 and I paid $95. His birthday is next month and I told the kidlets to buy him one only I forgot to remove him from our private conversation.  Oops.

    photo from Zagg’s website

    • I have only two doctor appointments this week but next week is four I think? Those are written down on the calendar on the fridge, my planner, my phone and not my foggy brain.  
    • I completed my last product review yesterday for the Oz Naturals Super Youth Retinol Moisterizer.  
    • If I put links in my posts I don’t get paid for them, it’s because I want you to see what I’m talking about.  
    • I’m going to be working on a page that explains what happens when I get products to try.  I had the page all set up on my laptop that I believe is completely dead.  Cat, one of my 2nd daughters is going to give it to her brother to look at for me.  I bought it in 2006 and other than needing a new keyboard after a tea incident it was a good computer that had to be plugged in all the time.
    • My pupalups are sleeping in every day and were only up because I woke up early.  Keely is hating the rain, she’s a Labrador that hates water, being wet but she loves snow.  I don’t get her.

    My precious

    • I was able to get this awesome Stella McCartney x Adidas black bag from a subscription box I subscribed to.  The box is $150 or quarter and the bag was for their inaugural box.  Sadly I’m going to have to adjust my sizes because the shoes were about half a size too big, the sports bra and capris were HUGE but the packable jacket is my favourite colour and it’s so light weight!
    • I was able to swap the shoes and then the pants and top to two awesome swappers and I’m getting two 1951 clutches and a pashmina in white.
    • Today we are going to Costco basically as a family.  The minions oh I mean kidlets are both going with us because we buy the food and they can shlep it to the car and into the house and then where it needs to be put away.  Even when I go without them with a list I forget something and someone is ticked.  So problems solved you all go with us.  
    • Did I mention it’s Dreary?
    • Outlander came back on last night for season two and it was awesome and that’s just not me being a fangirl but send me back in time.  I still can’t believe my Great x? Grandparents made the journey over with four kidlets and had one on the ship.  That Gr. Grandparent’s brother went with his wife to Australia. They were from Glennelg, Scotland which is near Inverness.  
    • I just received an email that I’ve been accepted into a campaign from the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.  So excited to try this out.  You’ll find out in May what it is.  Through the Chronic Illness Bloggers I will be supplying a prize for World Fibromyalgia Day which is May 12th.  If you have a chronic illness and want to join then send in your application on the CIB page.  

    So what are you musing about on this dreary Monday Morning?

    Journey with me … mini2z

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    Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl



    Today my blog is dedicated to my daughter.  She will always be my baby but today she’s all grown up.  When people tell you that time flies it really does.  Just 18 years ago I was in the hospital holding this perfect little girl.  As you can see from the photos she’s turned into a beautiful woman too. She can be so hard on herself but she is so smart, a good friend and we have shared so many adventures together and more to come.  Happy 18th Birthday to my beautiful girlie who will always be my kidlet.  Love you to the moon and back again Se.

    Journey with me … mini2z



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