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Another milestone birthday in our house.  Today, my firstborn turns 21 which means he can legally drink in the US now.  So when we go to hockey games we can each have a beer together.  Hockey has been our thing together for a while since we’re both Detroit Redwings fans and braved the freezing cold for that Winter Classic January 1st 2014.

21 years ago at this time he wasn’t born yet.  My gram took me grocery shopping and then brought me home and went to pick up a few gift cards for me.  I talked to her at about 3:30 pm and told her I was eating a sandwich and some milk as I hadn’t been hungry but gram told me I had to eat.  I’d been having crazy contractions all day various crazy times apart.  Nothing regular oh no, nothing like the books said labour would be. I called my husband and he came home and took me to the hospital. (I forgot to call my gram back) The hospital was promptly going to send me home but around 5:30 pm my water broke and I was staying put.  This was before everyone had a mobile device and internet readily available but everyone came to see us while I was in labour.  It was my mother and father in law’s wedding anniversary and they were hoping I would have him that day.  Well he made it into the world with just 14 minutes left of December 7th.

Travis, you were my first and I didn’t know that love could be so instant. We’ve shared so many memories together over the years and I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.  You’ll always be my baby boy even though you tower over me.  Happy 21st Birthday Travis!  I love you to the moon and back again!

Love Always, mom

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