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I ordered Chef’s Plate last week with a coupon.  I opted for the two meals for four people (we have five in the house).  I picked Sirloin Steak with an Italian Tomato salad and Morrocan Lamb meals.





I received an email yesterday that the meals were in their way and would be here today (September 1st).  It just arrived at 9:20 am in a big heavy box.

If you’re looking to give it a try, this link will give you $44 off or 4 plates of food.


First Look

meals order list

Great sized recipe cards – so detailed – I can’t mess this up

Step by Step

So well packed

note about next week

some yummy looking whole wheat bread to go with the meals (not for GF me)

Everything you need in one bag – they seem to be packed in 2 plate/bag portions

the steak meal pack – even has the dressing in a bottle

ice packs

the meat two portions per pack on more ice

All the fresh goodness

close up of the steak meal packaging

close up of the steak meal packaging

All the goodies

This will be an interesting process as I can cook a few things well, chili, beef stew and spaghetti. I don’t know which we’ll cook first but everything was stored nicely in the fridge on it’s own shelf.

If you’re interested in this this link will get you $44 or four plate FREE!  My referral tag is #2mealsFrommini2z

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