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I can’t find today’s writing assignment so I’m writing what I want.

I facetimed my friend Traci today. Best part of my day.

I finished work at 7am this morning and it was the hardest and most draining shifts of my career so far. I’m just back into the swing if things and some really hard things occurred on shift.

I got my long overdue cortisone shots in my feet today. My sweet son took me and he now knows why I want someone to drive me. The shots go in my big toe joint in every direction.

I woke up today to three boxes for me and a box for my girlie. The one box was my pupalups Barkbox and they knew that it was for them. They sulked until I woke up and took their pictures with the box and then with their goodies. They have already destroyed the toy that came in the box. I find that only the Tuffies brand is my pupalup proof.

I received my two special edition Luxe boxes. Everything in them is something I want to keep. Not a trade on the box.

My daughters IPSY box came she we ended up trading mascaras but she was very happy with this months box.

I’m in my hammock enjoying the day thinking about supper. We have sausages but I don’t know how up work our Traeger BBQ. Hubby wants to show me but I’m really tired …


I’m here now…




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  • Well I enjoyed reading this much better than I did trying to write on todays assignment – which I posted and am now informed can’t be found – modern technology eh! either that or I just have not learned how to work the bloody thing!!!!!!!!

      • Have a shot at re-posting there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, we are on the down hill slide now so it should get easier?? Hope you have fully recovered and up for the next assignment.

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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