Today I received my large women’s mystery box.  I paid $40 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.  I wasn’t too impressed with it but my daughter loved everything!  So even though I had three items in it well it was a very big hit! The box had a value of $139 US.

The box was a regular rectangle box weighing 2lbs. While I only received three items and others received four in their large women’s mystery boxes from Fancy, I’m happy with the box because my daughter loved everything. She literally took everything in the box. When I was looking at the prices I went to the TKO watch website and found that the exact same watch sells for $135 US on their site. Even if I had only got the watch this box would have been a hit with my daughter. The watch and phone stand thing are in colours that she loves. We both can share the scarf and I get to use the phone stand thing too! That will be a hammock accessory for the summer!

Still waiting on one box.  That would be the men’s large box that has gone on a trip to the Czech Republic.  It was intercepted today and hopefully will make its way back to me.

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  • Hi I wanted to say thank you so much for following my blog this morning. I am truly flattered. I was intrigued by your post; I was wondering what was going to end up being in the Mystery Box. Nice to meet you. Thank you again.

    janice wald

    • That box is from last year! I haven’t bought anything from them since they sent a package to the Czech Republic. mini

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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