Fancy Mystery Boxes


Today I picked up my Fancy Mystery boxes. I ordered a men’s and a women’s $10 box.
The women’s was in a padded bag and heavy and the men’s was in a small rectangle box.

The Men’s First

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Wall Sticker $12
Music Branches $11
Mustache Tie Pin $20
Game Day After Shave Sample – no price but it seems expensive for a full size
$32 value
$17.95 paid

The Women’s

Music Branches $11
Isaac Jacobs Neon frame $15
Fancy nail lacquer $21
Bib & Chapstick – unable to locate
Total “Fancy” value $46
Paid $17.95

I have to say the men’s box was meh even though I got the headphone branches. It wasn’t anything interesting like others were reviewing. Heck I would have been happier if the head scratcher or note books would have been in the box instead. My son didn’t like the headphone branches as they won’t fit with his phone case. My daughter on the other hand claimed one as she’s going on a trip soon. They would have been great on our trip home from Europe last summer as her tv didn’t work.

The women’s was much more exciting. I’m not a nails person but my daughter claimed the polishes and the frame from the women’s box.

I ordered the boxes and three other things from Fancy in this order and paid the shipping fee of $29.95. This is insane for four small packages. Still waiting for an item to ship but was charged for everything at once.

Overall happy with my mystery packages but I won’t buy them again.
I am still waiting on the $40 packages to ship so that’s another blog.





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