Coco Rocha Fancy Box

I received my first mystery box and let’s just say it’s started a new addiction. I’ve been cooped up in the house for over three months. I’ve become bored with everything from computer gaming to reading and even to my iPhone. So I heard about this box via on Twitter. She retweeted someone’s February box and I loved that it was a Paris theme. I know I said I wouldn’t go back but I’m feeling the urge to travel. Maybe it’s being stuck in the house home sick.
So I ordered my Fancy Coco Rocca box. It was shipped pretty quickly. I think I picked a good time to sign up. My sweet son and his girlfriend went to pick up the box. Thanks kids! I decided to get it shipped to my mailbox in Michigan. I live in a border city so that helps with crazy shipping or customs problems. Because I had no clue what was in it, I told them open it…well the sons girlfriend loved everything in the box.
So I finally get my box with the big pink circle on it and dig in. Excitement – Yes!

I got the March gym themed box and I love everything. Since I’ve lost more weight in the past three months I’ve vowed never to let it come back! Yoga is what I want to get into but that’s another blog.

My box:
Gym bag – Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag – Fancy price $18.00
Happy Plugs Deluxe Gold Earbuds – Fancy Price $35.00
Flavor It To Go Water Infuser Fancy Price $30.00
Gym Tank with #gymselfie on it Fancy Price $28.00
There was a fancy sticker and a card explaining everything. I paid $39.00 plus shipping for the box and the value is supposed to be at least $80 well my box was valued at $111 US!

My Goodies - Love Everything

My Goodies – Love Everything

I’m very happy!!
A monster has been born!


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