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IMG_0535Today is one of those days that I’m waving the white flag and saying, “I give” please dear body stop messing with me.  After spending last weekend in the hospital for what we can figure was a really bad lupus flare, this weekend brings me high blood sugars that don’t want to go down.  Seriously, I’m so frustrated with my body and it’s rebellion against me.  Have an autoimmune disease sucks but to have three that are wreaking havoc and attacking my body is just way too much.

IMG_0215I feel like all I do is go from doctor to doctor to doctor.  When I have a day with no appointments it’s nice because I don’t have to leave the house.  It is seriously so exhausting to get dressed, go and sit and wait and then go to another appointment and back home.  I know I’ve said it before but some days just taking a shower requires me to rest for an hour or two now.  Water actually hurts my body with that wonderful pain of stabbing from the water.

Still no answers as to why I had a fever for a week.  The only thing is they found yet one more thing wrong with me and the sludge in my gallbladder.  I have another test October 8th for that to see what’s going on.  



To top everything off Ranger has been throwing up.  Made him the chicken and rice and he’s still throwing that up.  So he will have rice with pumpkin and beef broth for dinner.  The vet is getting called in the morning because it’s not like him to have several bouIMG_7767ts of vomiting. 

I think I need to go colour and zone out for a while or nap, yes nap sounds good.

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  • I feel you. I hop from doctor to doctor too. I’ve set up a blog called spooniesisters which is for ladies battling with chronic pain, would love you to check it out if you fancy. Empathy, love and good vibes from Rose x

  • I was so hoping you were feeling better but I knew better.
    It is sad when all along you probably knew you were suffering another bad lupus flare.
    How many doctors did it take to find that out?


    Oh how I Understand taking showers. Danny has never understood how the water (cold or hot) can feel like needles being stuck in you.
    Until , Yesterday, ”
    He went to take a shower ,,,,a hot one like he always does.
    When he came out, he said,
    “That hurt”.
    Not understanding at all, I asked what hurt.
    “The water”.
    Kristin, I laughed. I mean really laughed.
    Which hurt.
    Danny wasn’t pleased with me and said something about , Why I was laughing at him.
    I reminded him how he SMIRKED every time I said the water hurt. Or the fan blowing on me. (Even though I need the fan blowing in the room).

    Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed and God knows I don’t want him in pain…BUT Thank God for making him realize , if only for a short time, that I hurt ALL THE TIME from taking showers.
    Before, during and after.
    There is nothing simple about a shower.
    I gave up baths awhile ago.
    Too tired to write much more. I am going days without sleeping much, if at,all again..So tired and Yet, I can’t sleep.

    We have our Counseling Session tomorrow morning. We were suppose to have it tomorrow afternoon but
    I asked to reschedule. Doctor’s appointment instead if I can make it after a 2 hour session.
    Danny made sure he wouldn’t get called it.

    I got long winded. I haven’t written much all day.
    Love you.

    • I hope you got some sleep!
      I see my family doctor tomorrow so maybe he’ll have some answers from the hospital. But my sugars have been running high so I have no clue what’s going on.
      I had to giggle at you giggling at Danny!
      My Ranger is feeling better thankfully!
      Love ya

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