Five Vents For Friday

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Just going to go with a vent about the two that a couple blogs were dedicated to very recently.

  1. Garbage cans overflowing or a can put in front of your door – it needs to go out.
  2. The recycle box is overflowing out of the cupboard and onto the kitchen floor means you should take them out
  3. The recycle papers have been moved in front of your bedroom door they probably should go out
  4. Laundry is piled up on your floor, the hallway or in the bathroom
  5. Grass, leaves, dog poop needs to be taken care of

Those are five things that will cause me to eventually scream at one of my children who are both adults now.

I really don’t think taking out the garbage, recycling, doing small chores around the house shouldn’t be too much to ask of an 18 and 21 year old right?  Well those things don’t get done until I start to scream which really isn’t good for my stress and anxiety levels.  I’m tired, I’m sore, I’m sick but I’m still trying to get things done.  Yes, I have things piled up on my dining room table but my laundry gets sorted, put away.  There are almost always towels ready for the whole family’s use in the linen closet.  So why can’t someone other than the three oldest adults do things without me having to scream?

  • Take out the garbage
  • Take out the recycle
  • Bring the gently used items to the bible store
  • Do the yard work
  • Do a complete load of laundry, wash/dry/remove/FOLD/put away

Want me to appreciate you? Help around the house you live in without having to be asked to do your chores six times and get mad or upset when I finally scream because it hasn’t been done.  I would even appreciate it more if you used the vacuum (yeah that purple thing that eats the dog hair), if you loaded, unloaded or even ran the full dishwasher, oh hey even putting dishing INTO the dishwasher and NOT the sink, in the only bathroom that has the toilet, sink and tub there are some products that clean those too, just ask me and I’ll tell you what you can do to help.  Extra points for tackling your room, the junk room, the basement…

Stress causes me to get sicker, you remember that right?  When I scream I am stressed.  Then I cry because you’re upset, pissed off or indifferent to what I’ve screamed about.

Anxiety is what I’m trying to avoid.  It’s almost the holidays and I’d love to have some Christmas cheer in the house but I feel defeated.  Oh yeah, I’m the same person who didn’t get a mother’s day card or a birthday card but I’m just the mom of the house.

Sorry to turn this into a vent but yeah I’m out of spoons.

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  • I know the feeling! It is hard enough to get the only other adult I live with to do those things without me having to tell him to do it, I can only imagine dealing with more of those:(

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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