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Five years ago I started this blog.  It was originally just to share the trip across Europe I took with my daughter and a wonderful group of kids from her school.  My stepdaughter, niece, and sister-in-law took the trip four years before us.  Later my nephew took it and next summer another niece is going on the trip.  I’m working on making all my older blog posts readable instead of that wonderful 404 error that you get.

My blog evolved when I changed my writing to what I was going through with my health.  More specifically it helped with my anxiety and depression and I found that my talking about my mental health helped others with their struggle.  Now my blog is about all things health but also travel while chronically ill, new treatments, my family and my pupalups (dogs).

I’ve been honoured this year when Janssen selected me to attend HealtheVoices in Chicago.  Then I was honoured to be nominated for two awards from WEGO Health.  I’ve met so many amazing Patient Advocates who I now count as friends because of the opportunities I’ve been lucky to have been presented with this year.  Yes, my blog is changing directions and looks, but I still haven’t figured out a look for the blog.

Monday I start a 31-day writing journey with Life in Slow Motion*.  I’m looking forward to this expressive writing as a way to get me back into writing every day.

I’m going to be continuing to advocate for myself and others, write about any travel that I can do and my health journey.  What do you like about my writing?  What don’t you like?

Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me, mini2z

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Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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