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Thought I’d do something a little different for Friday and share some of my favorite things (does the song come to mind)?


Bloom The Workshop – they have a Bloom Bash in Seattle October 22 and 23 and a La Petite Bloom in Rockford, Michigan. I’m going to the La Petite Bloom.  There will be a flower arranging, calligraphy and photography.  All things I love!  Well I have crappy writing so maybe with calligraphy I can have nice writing?  We get to bring home the vase and our flower arrangement and a starter calligraphy set.  If you’re interested in either workshop, click the blue link and you’ll be taken to Bloom’s website. The Bash only has a few spots left.  I haven’t won the lottery so I can’t go to it.  This was at my seat along with a goody bag at the Bloom Workshop in Ada, MI in May.  

If you could go anywhere for a workshop on something you love where would you go?  


These milk and coconut pops I got at Shopper’s Drug Mart for $2.00 which is so much cheaper than going to an ice cream store. 

This headband and sunglasses are from my Popsugar Must Have box. The headband keeps those wispy hairs off my face and the sunglasses are just nice.  I did lose or misplace the case but that’s not as bad as losing three pairs of sunglasses like I did Europe two years ago on a 17 day trip.  


Lunch with my girlies on the Grand Canal in Venice

Summer seems to be flying away and it’s always been my favorite season. For some reason I’m feeling the urge to travel and just be somewhere and not worry about anything.  I try to stay as positive as possible but some days it’s just hard. I am loving my DSLR camera and have been taking it everywhere with me.  


My favorite quote ever

Enjoy your weekend and the the little things like ice cream, sunsets, warm summer breezes and friends and family.

I added six photo albums to my blog’s facebook page.  Hope you check it out!  

Until then, Journey with me…mini2z


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