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I woke up today and I feel the most human I’ve felt in a while.  I have to get a cortisone shot in my right hip later today so I’ll enjoy the normal feeling for a few hours.  The hospital called and my Echo-cardiogram has been moved up to tomorrow morning.  I still have a headache but I’m going with I’m feeling human.

So we changed our internet from one we’ve had since we got the internet in our house to cable internet.  Part of the package was we got our cable boxes upgrade to TiVo.  My mom’s has been freezing but every other room is great.  My son figured out that you can send a YouTube video to any of the TV’s.  Well he did it from upstairs and freaked my hubby out. We explained that we could do the same to him and he’s not going to mess with anyone’s TV’s anymore.

My BzzAgent CoverGirl FREE mascara came today.  I have coupons for anyone that wants one.  I picked the newest formula of the four that were available.  I really haven’t worn any mascara lately oh in about nine months but I will to try it out properly.


Ranger and Keely TOGETHER on their cot watching the neighbourhood

The pupalups, Keely and Ranger are loving their cot being at the front door so they can check out the neighbourhood. Yesterday Ranger went crazy because the squirrel that torments him was sitting on a garden decoration and just nattering at him.  They have to be reminded not to bark at people and the people walking dogs on the road.  These two don’t like to cuddle but share the cot nicely.

Today’s writing 101 was to write vignettes or what my interpretation of a vignette is.

Journey with me … mini2z



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  • Reply Andrea Karwandy

    Glad you’re starting to feel better!

    2015-09-23 at 12:47
  • Reply koolitzable

    We may have little understanding of Vignettes, at least we tried, I am almost there too 🙂

    2015-09-23 at 14:56
  • Reply mariaholm

    So interesting to read fellow writing course students’ work

    2015-09-23 at 14:57
  • Reply Sarah's Attic of Treasures

    I see the word often. To me it is one of the most useless words ever.
    It has too broad of a definition. It’s too OPEN for interpretation.
    I love your post here. <3

    2015-09-23 at 15:44
  • Reply Gina Blue

    It’s good to feel “human” isn’t it! I had to wait a month to see my knee doctor (his associate was on medical leave so appts were way backed up!) and it was torture. Then came the cortisone shot while waiting for approval for my gell shots. Well, my knee (miniscous tear plus aging arthritis) will never be great again but I am riding my bike again and that’s part of feeling human! Hope you feel better soooon!

    2015-09-23 at 16:09
    • Reply mini2z

      Ouch!! Hip isn’t too bad for the shots

      2015-09-23 at 17:13
  • Reply Sheridan Johnson

    I am glad that you are feeling better, and I would love the coupon to free mascara! Let me know how you like it! 🙂

    2015-09-24 at 00:42
    • Reply mini2z

      Funny my daughter (17) came to get a hug and said hey you have mascara on, why?

      2015-09-24 at 01:24

    Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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