Happy Father's Day

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Today is father’s day and my Poppa Jack was my grandfather but he was also the father in life.  I know he loved me unconditionally and when the kidlets came along he loved them even more.  I miss him every day.  

This photo shows his amazing smiling eyes.

poppa jack n kidlets

Poppa Jack and the kidlets Smiling Eyes

Happy father’s day to my hubby.  He’s an amazing father to four kidlets and they’ve all posted some great photos of them with their dad on Facebook.  The extras in the beach photo are my soon to be daughter in law and the two on the right are my neice and my daughter’s best friend.

My Family at Sauble Beach

My Family at Sauble Beach


Hubby and our oldest who doesn’t camp

Because work schedules, son camping we will be having a father’s day celebration in conjunction with our youngest daughter’s high school grad celebration on July 3rd.

Happy Father’s Day.

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