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I was going to do Thursday Thoughts but the Blogaversary popped up when I started in WordPress today.


  • Fibro Fog: I have a few things that have been on my brain of late and if I don’t type them or write them they’re gone as fast as I thought of them.  This is Fibro Fog or Brian Fog and it’s getting worse.  I’ve added SimpleNote to all my devices including my husbands because it’s helpful to have him have access to my notes but he can’t make sense of my not so wonderful shorthand and it’s all my own so that’s not helpful when I need it. I’m also using Suri and the reminders app a lot so I don’t forget but I still do.
  • iPad Questions, I started solely using my iPad as my sole blogging, surfing, reading, storage of all things BUT I’ve run into an issue.  I can’t get my photos from my camera uploaded from my memory card to my google drive where I have my photos stored.  Thankfully, I got all the photos from my laptop uploaded before said laptop died or was killed via a knock on my Ranger’s hard head.  No, the pupalup was not injured, just my laptop that will not turn on anymore.  So what do I do?  I have this wonderful Canon DSLR that I can’t use in the way I had hoped to be able to.  I found out that my laptop is almost 10 years old so it doesn’t owe me anything.  It’s heavy and at some point, I will jump into to the MacBook world but for now, I have a Zagg case that acts as my keyboard too.  So how do I get photos from my awesome camera to the online world?  I’m a beginner with a DSLR so I want simple with the hope of getting my photos uploaded to my Google Drive.  HELP!
  • Photos on iPhone – HOW do I change the name from 876768.jpeg to something?  Any suggestions?  I do upload to google drive.
  • BlogLovin do you use it?  I have my blog attached to my bloglovin account but I have no clue how to get followers to follow.  I guess I’m having technical issues of late.
  • Planners, what do you use?  I jumped in wholeheartedly and bought an Erin Condrin last year.  Now that I’m getting some doctor appointments in September and one in October I don’t know why I went with this format as it doesn’t even finish the year.  I bought a 17-month Ban.do smaller planner with tabs but I love my EC personalized case and my personalized covers but I don’t think the planners are for me.  I think I’ll just buy a notebook with a coil so I can use the few covers I have and maybe even use that as a bullet journal.  What do you use?  How long have you been using it?  How do you use your planner?  I find I’m not using it as a journal as it’s too big.  So I really need some other ideas.
  • New Email! I will have a specific email for the blog once I get the sheet of stuff I have to input to finish set up.  It’s only been three days but I’m on step six of seven.  mini2z at mini2z dot com
  • Health Updates:   I’m being referred to a Neurologist for the Migraines to get Botox, I have Gastritis so that’s the stomach issues with nausea, throwing up, only able to eat bland foods if I can even eat.  I only had three doctors appointments this week.  I have bruises all over and I think it’s a lupus issue and iron transfusion would be great but they don’t do them around here anymore.  My right hip is throbbing and thus I’m only getting about five hours of sleep.
  • Pupalups had their yearly check up and both are great, all their skin issues have cleared and I attribute that to the dog food we feed them, Acana or Orijen, but Keely is a little on the “round” side so she’s on a no treats and trying another Canadian food that is a Light formula with the no chicken and grains.  My go-to brands only have one formula and it has chicken as the protein so that was out.  They are heartworm clear and Ranger gained weight but he’s all muscle as per Dr Jim.  I picked them up a new harness and Trackr’s.
  • Wanderlust I’m dreaming again and dreaming of so many places I want to go to.  Those dreams also include me NOT being sick too!
  • Hubby, he went back to work this week or last week and he’s on a desk job.  BUT because of his boot, he can’t drive and he has to be driven to work and home.  It’s frustrating, sorry honey, I love you but yeah it sucks.
  • Kidlet, I went with her to pick up her diploma for her Pre-Health, Nursing and she got her nursing package the day before.  I’m still trying to get her involved in the student government at the college, not asking her to run for President but I want her to have the wonderful experience I didn’t when I was on for two years there.  I’m proud of her either way.
  • Summer Reading book exchange through Elfster and my swap person sent me Surviving Henry and You Before Me and I love them both.  I hope my person likes the books I sent her.  I love what I received from here.  I also picked up a planner and a new Nora Robers book.

That’s all from me on updates.  How are you?  Any plans for the holiday weekend?  Nothing for this house is planned.

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