August 1st

Hello August, I love you, I love summerWhat have I been up to since Friday’s post, well not much.  I’m still enjoying my three weeks of no doctor’s appointments, poking, prodding and just enjoying the quiet of not exhausting myself.  The photo above is a perpetual calendar I bought at little store in Sauble Beach years ago. It’s nice turning it every day and more so when it’s a turn over to a new month.  I want to enjoy as much as August as I can.

  • I have a month full of doctor’s appointments, chiropractic, blood draws and a few massages but not until August 15th. Yeah for most doctor’s taking time off at the same time.
  • I have new pain in my leg, in the front of my calf and the burning in my right hip has become just horrid.  
  • All my joints are burning so I don’t know if I’ve overdone it or I’m starting a flare.  Having both Lupus and Fibromyalgia is so confusing at times.
  • I’m 47 and my body feels like I’m 97 which isn’t good. 
  • I tried Lakota Extra Strenth last night and it helped my hip and back but I’ve been coughing since using it.  I’m pretty sure that the capsicum is making my asthma act up.  It’s the only thing I can think of that’s different.  
  • My mood has been up and down and I find if it’s gloomy I’m more down and if the sun’s shining I’m better.  
  • It’s after 2pm and I’ve had my tea but not eaten breakfast or lunch because of my nausea.
  • I know I can’t be directly in the sun but I’ve been reading in my hammock in the shade.  I’ve read book two in a Nora Roberts trilogy, Me before You, Surviving Henri and I’m now on After You.  I may even try to finish Written in My Own Hearts Blood… I just hate reading a book when the next book is still being written and the next book is a long way off.
  • I bought myself flowers yesterday, a bundle with sunflowers, lilies with some burgundy daisies.  I love flowers and have always bought flowers for me.  

Flowers for me….

Some ofyou may be bloggers I’ve “met” via my blog, some WordPress online courses.  So if you have a Chronic Illness and write about it, Chronic Illness Bloggers wants you!  If it’s a Chronic or Invisible Illness, this is the group for you.  The other bloggers are amazing to work with; they give you inspirations, they pick you up and they will share your blog.  There is also some great opportunities to try some new products for a review on your blog and other social media.  If you join, fill in the box that mini2z sent you!  I’m not going to lie, if I get the most referrals to our awesome group, I’ll get $50 into my paypal account and that would go towards my domain name and my NEW contact me page!

If you use a TENS machine, do you know if I can use it on my hip?  If so, how in the heck do I position the pads and wires?

So come join me at CIB and make sure you use mini2z  as to who sent you to the join the blogging network!

Enjoy the first day of August and the last full month of summer.

Hello August

Journey with me … mini2z

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