Hello Darkness

My old friend. Okay not a friend but I’ve been in the dark most of the day. A Migraine came on so unexpectedly and I know no reason why. I did have wine yesterday but I have a glass everyday. I think gluten really affects me now because I had a roll yesterday. I was lazy and grabbed one of the kidlet’s sandwich rolls. So if gluten causes migraines that’s my culprit.

At about ten am I wanted to go to the hospital because my head was pounding so much but I locked myself in the bedroom instead.

It’s still lingering but I sat with the family for dinner. Hubby cooked London Broil on the Traeger. It was good and I think my whole neighbourhood could smell them.

Signing off with a happy note, my POPSUGAR Must Have summer box has shipped.

I did enjoy last night my cuddlebug Ranger in the hammock with me


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