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Ranger my sweet cuddlebug

It’s been a pretty crappy two weeks.  I think that’s about the last time I wrote something original here.  My nausea and pain are just horrible and I’m finding the slightest spice upsets my stomach and esophagus brutally even wine….

Anyone with Lupus ever use a “SAD light” for therapy?

Yesterday was the Bell Let’s Talk day and I opened up my Twitter account for  the day.  My twitter is the only social media that I keep to me with only close friends and family following and I follow my news on that.  But I stood up for Lets Talk and I’m not ashamed of my depression and the journey I’ve been on.  It’s not defining me anymore, it’s a symptom and I know that it’s going to get better.  My kidlets made me so proud with their tweets and re-tweets that I actually had some tears of momma joy.

I had a doctor’s appointment and went to the drug store after.  I had one of those moments where I remembered something we needed that wasn’t on the list and instantly it was gone.  I actually started to cry right there in the store.  My mom was with me and got me to calm down but when my brain can’t remember simple things it scares the crap out of me.

Today a package arrived and I had no idea what it was because I wasn’t expecting anything.  Well it was my Guided Map that I bought for my Gallery Wall.  I have a general idea what I want and getting my husband to put holes into the plaster will take a lot of convincing.  Here is the photo on Instagram.

The Future Gallery Wall – three on the bottom right I have already – map arrived today

The beautiful Map – it’s a little small – my daughter wants it….


Bad lighting by the opposite wall with my kidlets and paintings from my Europe trip

Monday I have blood tests, x-rays on my hips and then a doctor’s appointment.  I’m just resting as my body tells me to, sleeping a lot and anxiety due to the brain not remembering stuff.  I can say, I have three shelves of the pantry organized, the spices have been moved and my family asks me where stuff is because I keep moving things.

So how have you been?  Did you participate in the Bell Let’s Talk?

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