I’m in Canada so you get the Canadian version of neighbours! We spell a few word differently here for reasons I don’t understand. 

I’ve gone through and randomly read blogs, liked them and followed some. I don’t have just one topic for my blog but there will be a bit of:

  • mom moments 
  • my pupalups – Keely our Foxred Lab and Ranger our Boxer mix 
  • my severe wanderlust 
  • my invisible illnesses:  1. Hashimotos  2.Diabetes 3 & 4 Lupus and Fibromyalgia,
  • my family,
  • my love of reading, hammocks, wine, travel 
  • camping 
  • my subscription box addictions
  • 101 Challenge in 1001 days
  • 100 books I’m reading in 2015

I started this blog when my daughter and I went on a European tour with her school.  We went to London, Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Verona, Assisi, Venice, Lido de Jeselo, Florence, Rome and the Vatican City.  It was amazing and I hope to travel again.  

I will be undergoing surgery on the 19th on both my feet so I’ll be out of commission for a while.  I look forward to reading all your stories as reading is my travel until I get to see more of the world.


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Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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