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I’m in a group with an amazing group of women and we have Secret Santa four times a year.  The Halloween – fall one was Secret Spooky.  I was late getting my gift because my secret spooky friend had ordered a special item for me and I had to get it picked up at my mail place .  She got me the bracelet, “My Story Isn’t Over Yet ; ” (it part of the project semi colon campaign on suicide and reminding you that your story isn’t over when the depression gets bad)  She also found me Gluten Free BEER seriously I had no clue it existed! Fuzzy socks (Ranger thought they were toys for him) a colouring book (my stress reliever) and some caramel apple tootsie pops.  I loved everything and the bracelet went on my wrist right away.  Thank you Amanda, Love you!

I only buy jewellry at one place and on Friday they had a make your wishlist pick a present off the tree.  Well I made my wishlist, bought two Christmas presents and my girlie and I got to pick a present and we each got a pair of these beautiful studs. We didn’t get the diamond ones but it was still fun to pick and try.  Thank you Phoenix Jewellers. 

Our tree in front of our house still has it’s leaves and this is the first year it’s gone these pretty colours.  Then we had wind and snow and it’s still pretty but more of a red now.  Sometime it will lose it’s leaves but I love that it’s turned into such a pretty tree and blocks the neighbour’s house across the street.


I had two really good days in a row but I’m feeling it now.  I think I’m getting a cold on top of my illnesses which is never good.  Both of my kidlets have been sniffling and sneezing the past couple days so it’s time to stock up on some DayQuil and NyQuil.

Enjoy your Sunday!   Journey with me … mini2z




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