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Hello Vacation~!

I am so happy that as of 7:00 am this morning I’m on vacation for twelve days.  I’ve only been back to work full time for a month but after being home and confined to the house save for doctors or lab appointments it’s nice to be off with no real schedule.

I only have plans to purge our trailer of all the clothes that don’t fit, reduce our linens and clean everything.  We don’t go away until late in July.  The girls want to go to the zoo, http://westbloomfieldadventurepark.org  and pedicures.  Not in that order but we have 12 days of fun.  I plan to spend some time in my hammock (with beverages) and with the pupalups too!  

We got the official word that our Sandy gets to stay for the summer!  Thank you Thailand!  It promises to be an exciting Summer experiencing all our favorite places with Sandy.  The girls finished exams today so it really is vacation time now if only I could afford a cook!





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