Hoarder? Time to Let Go

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I’ve started to purge my wardrobe of all the clothes that are too big, too old or too Amish looking (the girlie’s word) to keep.

I worked over my wardrobe a couple of days ago and got rid of a garbage bag of clothes.

Today I worked on my closet. It’s taken me half a day and I have only removed all clothes, hangers and some cardboard boxes that I had in there. I got another garbage bag of clothes for the goodwill. Boxes going to the recycle but I wonder why did I have the box from my last computer still? I also found all our missing hangers.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle the top shelf and the floor.

I’m so glad I found my overalls and they came back in style. I will only be keeping ONE pair!  The family said no but you need to keep some comfort. 


The after
I didn’t take one from before.

Now I think I’m gonna have a shower & a cuppa tea!



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  • Love your clock! 🙂 Great work on the closet, I really need to do mine. It’s become the repository for all junk in our house. 😛

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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