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Well after getting to the hospital at 7:45 am and freaking because I thought we were late all was good. I grabbed the number 99 from the ticket holder and the front desk called me right away. Hubby makes it in and we go in up to day surgery.


A couple rounds of Trivia Crack and the have me get changed into the lovely hospital dress & slippers, get me in a comfy lazy-boy and start asking the million questions. Another nurse started to put the IV in my left arm and I moved and my vein blew – OUCH!


They got it in the other arm and tell me the OR’s are messed up and schedules are all over the place. About 15 minutes later they told me it looked like did be going very soon. At no point did they tell me my scheduled appointment was actually later.

About an hour and a half later the anesthetist (I cannot say this word at all) came and asked me his questions. After that another nurse came to check something on consent and that’s when I found that my rescheduled appointment was actually later than 9am.

So finally walked to the OR and got a warm blanket and a million more questions & a check of my L & R On my feet. Hop up, more warm blankies and then pain meds, then the horrible tasting anesthetic to which at that point I requested a cheeseburger tasting because it was after noon and I was beyond starving. That’s it!

I woke up in pain but surprisingly not nauseous. They asked me what I wanted and in my million questions times ten over, I explained I have no pain tolerance. I asked for a really really strong pain medication I had for me last ER trip for a diabetic induced migraine. The doctor agreed and you know what it’s not so good on the feet but after the 3rd try I was down to a six in pain from a solid 8/9. I was able to drink water and was ready to get back to the floor because I really wanted gingerale or Apple juice – anything but water because of the none cheeseburger taste I still had in my mouth.


That’s when I got my first look at my feet. The nurse told me that I would have bandages for four plus weeks, they would only be changed at a hospital or clinic in an emergency and would be checked on February 10th by the surgeon. She then said for three days I was to only get up to use the bathroom otherwise my feet are to be elevated. She also said the shoe things are to be worn even on trips to the loo – EVERYTIME your feet touch the floor!!


Ginger-ale I LOVE you even if you were a generic not Canada Dry ginger-ale! You see Canada Dry has always been my vice! My tummy gets upset and I always have a bottle by my nightstand and sometimes it takes over a week to drink one. I only have sips here and there and to me it makes the bad taste of medicine go away.



Other than my surgeon not really telling me much about what to expect the whole hospital in Chatham was amazing. Okay not the pain but that is me. It’s a smaller hospital but everyone was super nice and helpful. I can say I’ve had a few other surgeries at both the hospitals in town and this was by far the best experience other than not being told about the change in times. Even if I had known about the change I might have been able to have a tea at 6am instead if 5am.

Getting into the truck was not fun. I think I fell asleep on the way home and then pain really kicked back in. Did I mention I have NO pain tolerance? Hubby and the boyo got me in and into bed. Crutches don’t work in the house but I will need them so thank you Vicki!!!

So I’m waiting until 11pm for more pain medication and then I really hope I can sleep!

The Pupalups both came and smelled my feet and checked out my new Louboutins.

Now on to healing…



Ranger my pupalup checking out one of me feet

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