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Hi, how are you?  How do you answer this?  Honestly? Say good or okay?  Taking it day by day?  Seriously what answer do people want to hear?

I had occasion to go to an event with my kidlets on Friday night to celebrate 30 years of Irish dance in the city.  My kidlets were there to see their old friends, teachers and parents that they spent so much time with for 11 years for my son and 14 years for my daughter. I was an Irish Dance mom but we use the word MAID or Mother’s Addicted to Irish Dance and I was on the executive of the booster club for 9 of those years. I almost backed out of not going because it’s been such a bad go of it but I started to get ready and committed myself to go. I know my husband was happy I went and that I’d get to see my friends.


Kidlets and me 

So here comes the, Hi How Are You?  How did I answer?  So many ways…

  • I’m good (total lie)

  • I’m okay (I was in the beginning)

  • Day by Day (it how I live now)

  • Anxious (but then I’d explain because “I don’t LOOK sick”)

A lot of the people I saw had no idea I’ve been sick and off work for over a year.  Lupus and Fibromyalgia have kicked my ass more than I remember Hashimoto’s ever did.  Or I’m not remembering because I had small children.  I do know and remember towards the end of my daughter’s dance career I wasn’t able to do as much as I once did and I upset her with missing performances and events that I never would have missed but I was home in bed.  We didn’t know at the time what was wrong but the last few years was the lupus creeping into my body and taking its hold.

I did answer lots of questions because I was originally sick when the diabetes took hold but I still think that the lupus has been here since then.  I had a bug and just never got better, my sugars went out of whack and the almost three years of every bug and constant fevers and flu like symptoms continued.

To have a few hours out with my kidlets, enjoying some wonderful Celtic music and watching the Ardán Academy Irish dancers is always nice.  The dessert table was pretty awesome too.  There was coffee but no tea?  A cèilidh (gathering) should always have tea along with the beer and whiskey!

Where am I today?  Two days after the few hours out?  I’m in bed?  Did I know that I’d use up today’s spoons yesterday by going out?  Yes but it was worth it.

How am I?  I take it day by day because my invisible illnesses have kicked my ass.  I really want to answer honestly but people look at me in shock, surprise, befuddled, confused, so I really just answer I’m Okay.

So how are you?

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  • It is so difficult to be truthful about how we really are when we are asked and oftentimes it is not the best time to go into depth about it. “Taking it day by day” is a great answer because people can somewhat understand there is a struggle behind the answer, but there isn’t the awkwardness of trying to figure out what to say to console us. Glad you got to have some time with your kidlets:)

  • I can identify with your spoons analogy since I have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. I have to daily weight the consequences of choices I make for activity with family. 🙂

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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