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I wasn’t going to do a new years post but the great Diana Gabaldon said she made a To-Don’t list.  What a great idea!  Mrs Gabaldon actually posts herself on her Facebook page and responds to fans.  Just another reason she is amazing.  

My Don’ts:

  • don’t be so hard on myself when I can’t do something I wanted to do because of illness.  
  • don’t worry about the small stuff, everything will work out
  • don’t get angry, life is short and I want to enjoy my family and pupalups
  • don’t give up on my dreams of travel and getting to spend some more adventures with my kidlets and hubby
  • don’t be afraid to try new things because I may find something I love

I will:

  • write stuff down more because my brain doesn’t function the same
  • write more letters and notes to people, letter writing is a becoming a lost art.
  • work on improving my handwriting
  • take more photos
  • accept that there are things I can’t do anymore
  • form a lupus support group in my hometown
  • express my loves, likes and dislikes
  • communicate more and not lock myself away
  • never see a 3D movie again
  • continue to work on my Zero Day Project
  • continue to purge the junk from my life
  • take another Bloom workshop
  • take a macaroon baking class
  • advocate for my health and fight for complete treatment of me
  • relax more by making time for massages, colouring, cuddling, taking photos

I also jumped on the #bestnineof2015 from Instagram for mini2z and for keelyandranger’s pages:

So what are you To Don’ts and what are your I wills?

Here’s to a better 2016!

Journey with me … mini2z

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