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So yesterday we had our semi-annual endocrinologist appointment.  We meaning, hubby, the girlie and me.  We always wait up to two hours and I don’t think it’s ever been less than 1.5 hours to see him.   My daughter doesn’t remember or chooses to forget that we had to go to London, ON, two hours from home, get blood taken, go through the questions and then see the Med student (I think she only saw the actual specialist once) and then we’d go to lunch somewhere.  London, ON is in what’s the snowbelt of Ontario and we had so many appointments rescheduled and I even remember the receptionist saying she wasn’t even going to try to get home as it was so bad.  We had very little snow here in Windsor.  I think the girlie liked that she got mom to herself and got shopping and lunch out of it but forgets the blood work with her non-existent veins (thanks Gram-Mim).  She was eleven and we were first referred because she had some abnormal blood work.  I remember being told that her thyroid would go and it was just a matter of when and she was higher than normal to get Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus because of Anti-DNA positive tests that stayed positive.  Hubby and I were tested and neither of us had that then but I do now.  Less than three years later her thyroid stopped working or was working overtime as she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis like I had/have same with my mother.  Her antibodies were only near 100 thousand at the time, my mom’s have been in the millions and mine were between 500 and 800 thousand.  Normal is less than one hundred.

Hubby’s been on midnights and he woke up today and the girlie and I were talking in the living room and he commented about us getting along.  Remember I’ve said she’s currently an alien or someone replaced my wonderfully sweet girl with a teenager….

By the time we got into the doctor’s examining room her mood changed and we were getting the eye rolls left and right and centre.  She said something and hubby realized she was in a mood and commented to her on it.  Well she told us to not talk to the doctor and when he finally came in you could cut the tension.   I like him and wasn’t ready to hear that I’d gained ten pounds in six months but steroids will do that to you.  So we came out with a new prescription change for all of us of different doses.  Mine reduced and the hubby and girlie increased.  My own opinion is both hubby and the girlie need to be on the thyroid medication I take as it’s made a world of difference but they have to fight for their health.  I have a change to my diabetes medications.  I only need to take 30 mgs Diamicron XR instead of 60 mgs and I can take it later in the day to offset the highs I get after lunch.  I’m still on Metformin and Trajenta in the am and Metformin at dinner.  The next step for me is insulin if this doesn’t control it for me.  My a1C was great at 5.5 but then again my appetite in the past six months has been crap.  I’m surprised it was that good because my comfort food is ice cream.


Thyroid great for me and a great a1C, see you again in six months.

Tomorrow I get cortisone shots in my hips from my Rheumatologist.  If they’re anything like the ones I used to get on my feet I’m going to be a big mess.  I hate needles and when someone is moving one around in your body to get the joint completely juiced it’s even worse.

Lupus is still flaring and I’m so sick of being sick.  I’m also so darn itchy from the lupus rash that I’m scratching myself raw in my sleep

I feel like I’ve wrote a novel on this today…

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  • I get hip injections too. He keeps pushing til he finds the most painful spot and then injects. Ouch! Good luck!

  • It hurts just to think about it. I have been doing this for 30 years now. At least they know what Lupus is now. Back in 1984 few Doctors had even heard of it. Most of those didn’t believe it was real.

    • I know but at least after four years of hell, I have my thyroid and sugar under control and just lupus – JUST LUPUS oh and fibromyalgia the name the rhuemy gave to the crap that doesn’t fit in his ” box of lupus”

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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